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Beyond Necessity & Subsistence is the human capacity to create Excess and Profit, in which time and energy is expended for more than what is necessary, usually as the production of an excess of something one must do anyway, as goods for trade or exchange for commodities which improve the conditions of human living, and that promote volitional ability. Profit is the addition of volitional ability, beyond or in excess of what is necessary, to maintain a same or similar state or circumstance.

All human activity & behavior, as the facility to alter the natural world for Excess & Profit is based upon the evaluation that the Consequence of Being is for any given phenomenon, entity or event material resource, for superior alternative states to the natural world, which explains and justifies the transformation or destruction of any given pre-existent state or circumstance, and represents conceptual empowerment, for the creation of Qualified States and human volitional capacities.


In a materialist state, the question arises as to what is spiritual, holy and sacrosanct, and what is not. If what is natural is not spiritual, then natural things may be changed and used to create states which correspond to qualities, which may exist in some other domain of space and time, and represent attributes not necessarily found in nature. These qualities and conditions would represent models, to which the recognition of spirituality should be compared.

The Religion of Progressive Materialism, as authority for human activity and conduct, may define any or all elements of the Given Existence and Qualified States, as material resource for spiritual states in future, as other dimensions, or the attainment of states analogous to heaven and equivalent to after life.

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