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Political Party

Name : The Convention

The Convention represents an ascribed system of ideas, concepts and/or values, of-which everyone as a member agrees for the most part.

The purpose of The Convention is to select specific of its members to represent the party in Government, and to create and adjust laws in accordance with the propositions of The Convention.

The Convention endorses the following concepts : Government is Socialist. Every collection of persons on the planet possesses some form of Government or deportment agreements as Law or Convention. When the Government serves the Whole or All of its members, it is called Socialist. When Government serves primarily some Part of the Whole as the few, it is called oligarchy, monarchy or Fascism, wherein the few appropriate socialist government for private interest.

A Whole is defined as producing products internal to itself for the benefit of each of its Parts, such that the Parts are capable of contributing to and sustaining the Whole. Parts are defined as producing products external to themselves for the benefit of the Whole. However in terms of human Psychology, some of the Parts will assume that the Whole should serve the Part as namely themselves.

Capitalism derives from the introduction of Excess and Profit. Capitalism is an economic vehicle of the Part or One, meaning economic benefit generated for self and private interests as opposed to the Whole or All. Capitalism as the concentration of capital and property to the few is the genesis of oligarchy, monarchy and Fascism. Capitalism as self-interested cannot act in the interest of the Whole except by charity which costs them nearly nothing. Therefore Government must regulate Capitalism so as best-benefits everyone, for otherwise capitalist corporations would subvert the Government.

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