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Government as Socialism is Conservative. This means Government is a more or less fixed entity, the purpose to produce a best environment conducive to all its citizens as its Product a stable state. Thus Socialism is about maintenance and the preservation of itself in a same or similar form as is the natural world.

Capitalism is Progressive, meaning the accumulation of property and increasing standards of living, by exploitation mainly of the natural world considered as materialistic and of no inherent Consequence in and of itself. Progress is transformation and destruction of existent entities, to be replaced by the new and improved, irregardless of the affects upon the greater Whole for private profit.

The Convention favors Amalgamism, as a combination of Socialism and Capitalism. And thus the question would be, of what should be public and what should be private. The citizens own the government by a subscriptive levy paid by each individual or family unit. If the individual works for the Government the levy might be subtracted from the individual's salary. If the individual is a private capitalist, the levy might be paid by tax.

The Government should own and regulate what is common to and essential to-all, as what everyone uses in common such as money, banks, insurance, water and sewer, road and water ways, electricity, fuel, medicine, internet, radio and television, parks, museums, libraries, police and fire, public safety for instance. The Government would own and regulate everything public.

Capitalism would provide whatever Government does not, wherein a market exists and wherein negative affects upon the Whole are none to minimal. Actually all private property would be produced by Capitalists as well as maintained. Housing, food, clothes, private transportation, stores and restaurants, factories, builders, laundries, cafes, night-clubs, bars are a for instance.

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