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The Convention would distrust computers in respect to money and voting. Digital money would be of convenience and fine for those who so chose to use it. However the vulnerabilities of electronics as blackouts and theft, as well as the digital money-corporations end-up controlling one's money, disallowing access, and with no options one could pay exorbitant fees for its use. Paper and coin should not be abolished but should anchor the financial system as backed by gold. Because of the inability to verify digital voting machines only paper ballots should be used in all elections.

There would definitely be a division between Socialists and Capitalists. Socialist jobs would be more or less guaranteed since the Government is relatively stable. Capitalism would create x number of jobs based upon some necessity but more-so consumption. The Convention would recognize the fixed nature of the natural world as Conservative. Capitalism is naturally Progressive thus there is always this tension between the two.

The three major costs of living are housing, food and medical. Since the record shows that Corporate Capitalist medicine and the drug industry is the most expensive in the world, bankrupting people left and right, completely and utterly corrupt, medicine should be the province of Government. The Corporations can grow food cheaply but they don't care about soil erosion they cause, the overuse of antibiotics, cruelty to animals, or how many people die from their pesticide use. Farmers should be small capitalists the way farming traditionally was before the corporations.

Untill one can get everyone to volunteer their labor to the Government or the Capitalists, wages are the engine of the economy and wages are uneven. Government should be in the housing business, not in building but in owning and renting.

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