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Housing concerns and is needed by everyone. The Government could buy homes from private owners or contract for built from private contractors and maintain with the rent money. The Convention would favor rent control of both Government and privately owned housing. Government of course should regulate building codes to prevent private short-cutting. The thing about Government is that it must be honest. Government could condemn homes in order buy them more cheaply. If Government is not honest it is fascist and in this respect the strictest controls would always need to be in place with very stiff penalties to begin, banishment from Government employment. If Government is not honest neither will be private.

The Convention would favor public education. Of course the churches, Capitalists and the rich would want private education and or home schooling. The larger the teacher's salary the better the education. But there maybe other ways of making teaching more attractive to better teachers, as government owned housing could give free rent to government employees, teachers and health-care professionals, free health-care and child care, free education thru college and affordable rent.

Who is going to pay for the government ? Is it not the Capitalists ? Government tends to approve more and ever more Capitalist enterprise to gain more taxes, though the Government is suppose to be Conservative. With Government workers getting a lot things free, they don't need to earn so much thus less taxes. With the free-marketeers getting free education and health-care, cheaper Government insurance, and low rent their taxes are offset. So while the Government must control Capitalism in the best interests of all, Capitalism must recognize the benefits of Government.

The Convention would disfavor Monoculture, Monotheism and Monomeism as Progressive Materialism, meaning a glorified One atop a hierarchal ascendency, graduated top to bottom,

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