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Natural Socialism

Tandem w/ Natural Law and Capitalism and Privatism.
Nature called the Given Existence, is Socialism, defined as every Part serves the Whole, which as a complete entity, is Unified Function, its products produced internal to itself, as a place of existent being. Socialism is Conservative, as states that are maintained in same or similar conditions, represented as continuance in the same and similar; the law of the place as Necessity and Subsistence. [sp]

Duality of the Given Existence and natural law is defined as Complimentary Opposition, or continuous transformation and destruction as continuous regeneration, renewal and replacement in exact or near like form as perpetual existence. The Duality of existence and transformation and destruction is considered a given of physical existence. [sp]

Socialism is democratic in that its function is to serve equally and each of its Parts, as contiguous with the function of the Whole, which by its function plays no favorites.

'Socialism is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the whole, in the form of organizations such as Government. The nature and purposes of governments are socialist. This means that government is able create and maintain services that are used in common, such as providing roads, bridges, water, power or fire and police protection, by the collective resources of the community at large in the form of taxes. Socialism is non-profit.' The Whole is the community to which each Part serves and is served and each necessary, the equality of Socialism without superiority. The purpose of Government is Conservative as to maintain in consistent function. [sp]

Socialism is Matriarchy correspondent with the the Conservative Paradigm, as the the results nd products of the whole are produced internal to itself. [sp]


Tandem w/ [Natural Socialism], Socialism and Progressive Paradigm [sp]
Essentially Capitalism is Excess and Profit, which requires the destruction of pre-existent states and entities called the Consequence of Being; as the Consequence of Excess and Profit is greater than the Consequence of what was pre-existent to construct it. To allow the unfettered acquisition of Excess and Profit, the Given Existence as [Natural Socialism] is defined as absent any inherent Consequence, since nature cannot explain its Consequence of Being, as like the Part, producing products external to itself, as worth more and in excess, of the activity and behavior to create pleasantries. [sp]

Excess and Profit is the production of everything not necessary, above and beyond Necessity and Subsistence. Excess and Profit is the market place and people are not happy without it, if excess is available, by comparison to need alone. Once engaged in, the class system is begun with all its attendant progressive rationales, psychologies and warfares. [sp]

Excess and Profit is ultimately fascist, since by evaluative construct; Consequence is assumed from dis-consequence, called the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Consequence is determined as degrees between Nature and the products of Excess and Profit, defined by various degrees of perfection, opposite of nature. Psychologies takes forms such as the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution, or the evolutionary brain. That deemed lesser evolved may be exploited as necessary, by deemed higher civilization. 'The Whole serves the superior Part, as the commoners would serve the king. The Part as superior usurps the Whole, and uses it to its own superior ends.', of which authority must be concentrated, often secretly. [sp]

Capitalism corresponds to the Part, producing products external to itself, which explains and justifies what it is. Butcher, Baker, Sandpaper maker. Worth and Consequence by products produced external. The Whole is not understood, because it does not explain itself by distinction, as some degree different than what it already is. Tree to kindling is understood. Tree to seed to tree is not. Materialism is the psychology of the Part. [sp]


Privatism is the personal ownership of Excess and Profit, which by accumulation and control; amounts to the assessed Consequence of the individual, as private property. The democratization of economics, a middle class. Monotheism and Monarchy are the primary political structures of Privatism, or any given instance where the individual takes precedent over the community. [sp]

Privatism is necessary to the health and well being of the individual. The question being, what would be the mix; Privatism and Socialism? It is Privatism/religion and socialist/spirituality. Democratic government. Who are the candidates? What money buys. Two governments, Privatist and Socialism. Every privatist wants to control the government for the sake of the Holy Grail; what makes the candidate what heirs is. Two laws: written and Convention. They write laws to get elected, it is a conflict of interest for their-selves as opposed the all. We live by convention, how we move in the real world. It is politeness. Considered weakness by the underclass. Do not bow to the master. Different convention not covered in the law books. [sp]


Elections have to be Socialist, if you want a democracy. Who controls the ballot box controls the elections, and today, who controls the computers. Privatism ends up; who has command of the most money, or secret organs of government and when war breaks out amongst the ruling classes, the army may have to take over and gets big ideas. There has to be honest government. Inviolate. The privateers don't like it. They think they should be at the head of the line, because they are first-class and better. That's what we work for, to be special. We are all special. Why don't you take a closer look. It was where we were born. They just want more. [sp]


Socialism is to be Spirituality. There is no equality in Materialism. The premise is what you can produce external to yourself; not an even proposition. If every part is important to the Whole, play any Part. They are all equal. One talks to everybody. Of a certain class-type volunteers to help government. Government is suppose to keep people honest. It is much contested for by the dishonest. It's where the money is, if it hasn't already been stolen. It is the money of the socialists, lets make them evil. Now we are demanded of to destroy this bureaucracy of demonology. [sp]

We are all one, like each other for what we do, no matter up or down, cause your great. They are stuck-ups. They are Capitalists. It's what they work for. We all honest and are glad to give away free, as well as work for what we need. Why lie we are great. We do a lot of private small business. Private is small and numerous as convenient. Corporations will be banned in the Aquarian Age. The concept profit-first. Take it from there. Someone corporation will honestly find a way to control, the government for the salvation of mankind. The business ethic is profit by selling excess. We have profit and non-profit, never called Socialism, a word banned in Capitalist democratic letters; and non-profits without the profit to advertise; about invisible. The capitalists own the media, believing in the democracy of ideas, so long as they are not contrary, and if slips out: must be propagandized out of existence; for I am your savior from yourself, little ole me. [sp]

The battle between Capitalism US and the Socialism China; my theory the Aquarian Age will be Socialist and there is nothing anybody can do about that; as there was nothing could stop Christianity of the Picean Age. Its influence - the genes maybe. Some millionaire hopeful will get on the case; will put a stop to that; imagine the invasion of privacy - My money now Sir? [sp]

Birth regulation that is the problem; something other than war, famine and pestilence. A billion in China, a billion in India. What a factory the planet is. The poor-family, usually more kids plain and simple. They are not going to have money, so they are going to have warmth and love. The Capitalists are workaholics, their primary concern to get their kids to exclusivity. Their kids are ends; not this all - is what we are. [sp]

Then you have religion: heaven is more important than now. They have it all canonized. Take what you want; just give us ten percent, the enlightensent bill is expensive this month. Morly forgot to pay the bill. Religion is defined here as Materialist, and the psychology of the Part. You must produce a product as behavior conformance to religion doctrine, the sum of which should ticket you into heaven, sometime in the future; insurance, conform to the objective, the only way to get it done. And this huge non-profit, believes in the sanctify of the birth, no matter if it is born in hell itself. In fact their doctrine is; you are here to ask God for a permission-slip out of hell; and abortion defeats that one and only one purpose. Damn the earth; bring us forth fertility of the soul. [sp]

Women want to have kids. It is what they are made for. Can't they stick it at two? What if its not a boy? This is the old Socialist family world. But it's not. Where do they get such ideas? The inheriting boy is a Privatism concept. What they are: is property. Property must be kept private. They want the woman of another family, not the man. He may overpower her. She is too prone to lover's weakness. We don't want interlopers taking over. Send son to law school. [sp]

What power to give to the poor besides the family, usurped by Capitalists, the power they give to the poor, to be better than them. You have accomplished something and should be rewarded; and I will - if you vote for believe-me. Democracy is about population control, if not known to be stolen. To increase our numbers we need more kids, usually one of the planks of the radical political starry-eyed ideologues with his goatee and book. Population is political, if you are in a power game. Everything is regulated in nature. For each action there is a reaction, not necessarily equal in the immediate - evening out later. I am above the law of nature. Nature is random is what the capitalists like to think. They need resources to make money. And we need it the necessities for sure. They can't be sentimental about obtaining resources. But they can and our greedy and control markets strictly for themselves, and their thumb on the scale. [sp]

Population is markets, the bigger the more money. They are against; liberal as they are, only abortion not birth control. They don't think of it like that. Why reduce my market? It is obvious. They are forbidden to think like that. That is what the church does: forbids. Population is resource; like souls to be saved a resource, for a process, of being something not human. It is unconscious. They don't know it. It is inherent in the Progressive Paradigm a Psychology. Progress means more, and more means Capitalism. [sp]


These are Socialism, Privatism and Politica. would be ........ Capitalism as the merchant class, and Socialism as the working everybody else,are the most democratic of ........... Soldier, [Morality]. wherein Consequence is assessed by numberical dgree