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Authoritative Accords tandem w/ Democracy
Wherein any individual or group by the authority of force, is caused to live in a manner they do not wish, and to obey the dictates of the state. Fascists in many cases are simply gangsters that use the government as a vehicle for their crimes. Criminals are progressives in that they progressively promote their own wealth and power by illegal and immoral means. Fascists either consider themselves to be of a greater authority and superior to those they rule, or consider themselves to represent superior ideals, in which those that are ruled should conform. Fascists can be said to be Conservative or Progressive. Conservative Fascists are those that seek to preserve an already existent state by authoritarian means. An example of Conservative Fascism is religious fundamentalists who believe that the authority of the government should be used as a means to enforce the ideals of religious living. These fascists consider themselves to represent superior authority such as God and thus do not accept personal responsibility for what they do. Progressive Fascists are those that use authoritarian means to promote what are considered as progressed states. An example of this is the regime of the Nazis who intended to promote a superior state based in part on the superior race, both of which were said to progressed from what already existed. These fascists consider, that it is evil as pre-existent conditions, that is responsible for what they do. {Dissertations: Authoritative and Ideologue}


Socialism Tandem w/ Democratic Socialism
Fascist government operated for the purpose of promoting Socialism generally defined as Communism. The Nazi regime had elements of socialism such as the appropriation of private industry for aims of the state mostly as a war machine. But the Nazis hated communism, and Nazi Socialism was used primarily for criminal enterprise, as a means to promote the plunder Europe.


Government is any number of individuals, which in some manner is selected from the community, that acts on the behalf of, and performs functions for the community as a whole, which the community otherwise would or could not probably do for itself. Government by definition is Socialist. This means that the purpose and objective of government is to act for the larger community as a whole. Its assets and purposes are owned, and are to serve the community in common, as a nonprofit organization. Government acts as a unifying authority for all the diverse individuals and interests in the society as a whole. {Dissertation: Government}


Progressive Materialism
The history of that aspect of humankind that engages in Excess and Profit as Progressive Materialism, and that comprises most of recorded history. {Dissertation: Historical Materialism}


Morality and Ethics
Codes of human conduct which are derived and result from the premises of Excess and Profit and the correspondent perspective of Progressive Materialism. Historical Morality encompasses societies and cultures which in general proceeds beyond the economics of Necessity and Subsistence. Morality is the resulting codes of conduct based upon what humans want, such that the Prohibitive Integrity of any entity is contingent upon its condition of progressed development. {Dissertations: Humanism and Ethics & Morality}


Pseudo-conservative Lexicon and Politics
One who believes in ideals, standards, principles and Authoritative Imperatives, as authorities to which the individual is expected or demanded to conform and correspond. One who relies on Conceptual Authority for Operating Principles, values and decision-making criterion, that may be independent of the reality of events and circumstance. One who accepts that Authoritive Imperatives supersede conflicting actual circumstance and reality, and the individual's independent wishes. One who is prone to utilize Authority Reasoning wherein evidence, premises and argument should or must correspond to foregone conclusion as principle, doctrine, belief, creed or conviction. {Dissertation: Ideologue}


The main purposes of government as things like roads, bridges, defense, police and fire, power, water, sewage, education, courts and uniform standards which by the nature of their purposes are Socialist. {Dissertation: Government}


Written authority for government commonly known as constitutions, which act as a legitimate and legal authority for government to exist and define how it is operated and maintained. Intellectual Authorizations are based upon reasoned and rational considerations as the purposes of the government, the way it should be composed and the relationship of the citizen to it.


Natural Law
That which manifests consistent patterns of constancy or change. Rules and regulations which are meant to enforce a consistency of patterns of activity and behavior or constancy. {Dissertation: Natural Law}


Socialism Tandem w/ Right Wing
The basis of Right-wing is born defective and illegitimate, while Left-wing is born valid and legitimate. Left-wing born valid and legitimate, means the ultimate authority is the self. This means conservative and socialist, since one preserves what one already is and aspires to the potential latent therein. There is an inclination to democracy, since all are equal in their validity, and would deserve equal say. Since the self is the ultimate authority, it is the self that must take responsibility. Legitimatecy is the trait of the upper classes.

Left Wing is Liberal and the opposite of Pseudo-conservative Right Wing. Left Wing is defined as individuals, groups or governments that believe that certain assets of community economic and cultural activity should belong to the context of the greater environment as the community as a whole, generally manifest as Socialism. Individuals and groups who are concerned with the social and economic equity of humankind, and wherein Government may be considered as the way to produce and maintain equitable qualities and conditions. Fatal contradictions for the Left is that the objectives of Progressive Materialism remain in tact as elitist ideals, that usually subverts attempts at equity, and where individuals are often bought off. {Dissertation: Right & Left Wing}


Conservative Tandem w/ Pseudo-conservative
In respect to the system of Progressive Materialism, the term Liberal is defined as the opposite of Pseudo-conservative. The goal of Progressive Materialism both for the Liberal and Pseudo-conservative is upward mobility. It is the propensity of the Liberal to define consequence and value from the bottom of the hierarchal scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as more than. In terms of political and social relations, the Liberal identifying from the lower end of the social scale tends to assume intellectual positions that are in opposition to elitist perspectives at the other end. The liberal tends to support social agendas that aid the majority lower classes. Liberal is Left Wing as opposed to Pseudo-conservative which is Right Wing. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Right & Left Wing}


Concept of Enemies
The official name for the Progressive Materialist propensity, wherein the superior, as those that are more materially developed, are justified in stealing from the inferior or less developed, as a matter of promoting the greater good over the inferior evil.


Those individuals who pursue an alternative lifestyle to Materialism, based more upon Necessity and Subsistence as opposed to Excess and Profit. {Dissertation: Alternative Lifestyle}


Authoritative form of Government based upon Progressive Elitism in which formalized hierarchies are institutionalized so as to promote and maintain the interests of elite classes.


Pseudo Conservaives who identify and subtract from Metaphysical Ideals. Have an Alternate Polarity in which the standards of the lower classes are the metaphysical Ideal and thus they can garner support from the largest segment of the population as the Lower Station. National identity which is considered superior to others.


The natural dynamics of the Given Existence in which all human created social Accords are constructed in terms of Universal Accordance.


Pertains to all phenomenon, entities or events of nature or what is termed the Given Existence, in which activity and behavior as change is consistent and manifests patterns of change and transformation which are predictable. {Dissertation: Natural Law}