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Refers here to the structure and operation of human organizations termed a Society in which any number of individuals is affected in common.


Formula for human population control sustained at a fixed level or Stable State, as a ratio representing the degree to which the environment is to be used for resource, indexed to an agreed upon standard of living as an Economic Aesthetic. {Dissertations: Population Formula and Population}


Progression Tandem w/ Conservative
Change which is defined as producing a superior state or condition to that which was replaced. Common usage of the term Progressive in a political sense, which is interchangeable with the term Liberal, means those individuals who tend toward the Left or Socialism in their politics, and tend to embrace new ideas, fashion and believe in the progressive development of humankind, especially in terms of Humanism. Represents the Additory Base of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. {Dissertation: Conservative}


Progressive and Elitism
In terms of the concept of Progressive Materialism, the reason purpose and meaning of life is based upon the accumulation of physical and intellectual assets. The nature of progression has the propensity to be elitist, by virtue of the fact that in terms of the material identity, the validity and consequence of the individual is determined be the degree to which one acquires intellectual and material assets.


Humanism is an admirable philosophy which dominates modern world culture. Progressive Humanism means an ideal of the best possible human economic, cultural and social conditions. However because it is an extension of Historical Morality, it is contingent upon the continuous progressive development of the material betterment of all humans. Since humankind depends for its every need and desire, upon the resources of the planetary environment, the ideal of the ideal of optimum human economic conditions, at least when not in conjunction with strict population control, is to the detriment of everything not human, or the natural world. Humankind is to come first at all costs, at the expense of the natural environment. The concept of progressive development and Humanism itself, and the resulting pressures on the environment make it incompatible with the philosophies of Conservative environmentalism and deep ecology. {Dissertation: Humanism}


Propaganda is the expression of perspectives for the purpose of promoting specific agendas, wherein no alternative points of view are presented or allowed, and if they are, it is in a manner which does a disservice or discredits them.


Conservative Tandem w/ Liberal
Conservative means the preservation of pre-existent states in exact or near-like form. Pseudo-conservatives are those that profess conservatism, while at the same time believe that any given pre-existent state may be transformed or destroyed for the purpose of creating Excess and Profit, as ever more money, property, power, possessions or population. The true concept of the term Conservative is superseded by the progressive nature of Materialism. The term Pseudo-conservative represents a propensity of the individual to define the value and consequence of any state or entity by subtraction from Metaphysical Ideals, as the highest degrees of development. This means that the Pseudo-conservative ideal is the progressive accumulation of every kind of asset, wherein value and consequence is based upon perfection, and thus the tendency to conservation and preservation is limited to what is of high or elite status. Pseudo-conservatives represent the elite end of the social context as those who have accumulated the greatest degree of especially material and physical assets or emulate such accumulation. Pseudo-conservative is said to be the opposite of Liberal, the dichotomy of which is an inherent aspect of the system of Progressive Materialism. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, Conservative and Ideologue}


Accords based on religious beliefs, in which the sanction and structures of governments is said to be authorized by God. Authority for the creation and maintenance of government based upon religious criterion as Authoritative Dictates. Since religion is subjective, most Religious States are maintained by force. All religious Societies are essentially Monarchies, in which the heads of state represent and act as go between for heaven and earth.


Authoritarian government based upon Religious Authorizations in which the government regulates its constituency based upon religious law. Almost always Fascist because Religious Materialism is not based upon empirical evidence, and thus agreement cannot be universal or often not even of a majority.


Individuals appointed or elected to represent persons or groups who are not direct participants in the affairs of the Government proper. Democratic form of government in which elected representatives give voice to the average citizen, made necessary by large populations of the constituency. The problem with Representation is who exactly the representatives represent.


Democratic forms of government in which the members of the general population, in some manner select individuals, groups or parties, to represent their interests in government legislation and policy making.


Representative form of governance by the selection in some manner of legislators, as opposed to direct Democracy, which is the direct participation of every individual in the decision-making of the body politic.


Pseudo-conservative Tandem w/ Left Wing
The basis of Right-wing is born defective and illegitimate, while Left-wing is born valid and legitimate. Right-wing, born defective (original sin) means adopting an authority outside oneself, that corrects the defect, as some form of more perfect. This perfectibility is progressive and capitalist, and an inclination to fascism, since it is to obey higher and superior authority to the self. There is no ultimate self-responsibility, since the defect came with the faulty equipment. Illegitimatecy is the hall mark of the lower classes.

Individuals groups or governments that are defined in terms of Progressive Elitism, as identity, consequence and value determined by the degree of progressed or accumulated intellectual and material assets. The Right Wing as opposed to the Left, is socially bipolar. The elite need their minions and the supporting casts of cadres of workers to produce and maintain their elevated standards of living as well as lesser castes, in which by comparison their elite status is defined.

The Right Wing evaluates value and consequence by subtraction in terms of the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Socialism is Conservative because the emphasis of the products of economic activity, is by intrinsic design if not necessarily practice, the collective use of the output of economic activity in the form of taxes, to be used to sustain specific standards for the quality of life of the community as a whole, which of course limits the wealth that individuals and small groups can progressively accumulate. {Dissertations: Right & Left Wing and Private Interest}


Agreements and Accords such as rules, regulations, laws, and formalized contracts such as charters and constitutions, which authorize the social conduct of individuals, groups, organizations and governments.


Democratic and Fascist Socialism
Socialism is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the whole in the form of Government. The nature and purposes of government are socialist. This means that government is able create and maintain services that are used in common, such as providing roads, bridges, water, power or fire and police protection, by the collective resources of the community at large in the form of taxes. Socialism is non-profit. {Dissertation: Government}


Used in a general sense to mean anything from a family or tribe to nation states, as any organization which has an institutionalized structure of conventions for activity, behavior and conduct, based upon Accords to which the members voluntarily or are forced to agree.


Tandem w/ Pseudo-conservative Progressive
Conservative means that a pre-existent state or condition is of greater value and consequence than progressed states that may replace it. The term Conservative includes the concepts of Conservative Spirituality, Ethics and Natural Affection. The term True Conservative seeks to distinguish between what is called Conservative today, but in reality is progressive and thus termed here as Pseudo-conservative. The term Conservative in a political sense, is of those who are Right Wing, individualist and Elitist, and who would prefer to preserve the status quo. In terms of the system of Progressive Materialism, the term Conservative more derives its meaning from Metaphysical Ideals as Subtractive Base of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. {Dissertations: Conservative/Progressive Dicotomy, Conservative and True Conservative}


Natural Law which is universal to all of humankind is the basis for social Accords.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity

The consciousness of an individual who uses Natural Law as authority for human conduct such that the activity and behavior of living is structured so as to accord foremost with the natural environment. Natural Law is Conservative which means that all change produces altered states that are conducive to the preservation of the original condition changed. {Dissertation: Natural Law}


The term Utopian is used here in the sense of a philosophy of living, which can be adopted by any individual and small groups of people, as an ethical lifestyle and spiritual aesthetic for one's own self-respect, regardless of and as opposed to the established already existing progressive organizations and governments, which is a consciousness so entrenched that only nature can affect it. Volitional Agreements, Common Consent Accords and Collective Agreements are fundamental to Utopian Politics.


Common Consent Accords
Agreements based upon terms and contracts, wherein the terms of the compact are so comprised that they are obvious to all members of the Accord, and that every member can willingly and readily agree and consent. Volitional Agreements are Social Contracts created and constructed, so as to best benefit the community as a whole, and are considered here the province of Utopian Politics. {Commentary: Volition}


Representative Democracy in which a majority of the votes cast wins the legislative seat with no participation in the government for the losing party or candidates. 'Winner takes all', pretty much guarantees a two party system, where political financing is private. Most independents and third party voters will tend to vote against the greater of evils, as opposed to alternative parties which are considered not to have a chance. {Opinion: Democracy}