2nd Opinion

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PolyCulture would mean the many and all of any culture possess of an Existent Equality, as every Part, considered an essential and equal aspect of the Whole, wherein individuals may be diverse in custom, habit, background, race, religion and beliefs. Polyculturalism is not Multiculturalism, which is the current day experiment in social havoc, with no borders - social, sexual, religious or political.

PolyCulture begins with Socialism as Government found everywhere, wherein the institution represents the Existent Equality of All as opposed to the One, which is Government stolen by and for the few generally as Capitalists.

PolyCulture would be based on the evaluative system called Existence Equality, which means any living entities existence possesses a legitimacy of Consequence, as a contribution to the Whole of existence, and as form of consciousness existent in a particular place and time, did not knowingly choose such an existence and thus is innocent, and wherein this innocence is universal to all living creatures as a sameness, which should be recognized to be deserving of empathy.

The whole of the western world proceeds by MonoCulture which is based on the One, as either the Extra Mundane Authority of Monotheism, a one and only one God to which all humanity is to emulate, or the Metaphysical Ideal as the secular singular superiority of elite perfection of the have fews and the have-nots many, or God and Gold.

PolyCulture is distinguished from MonoCulture, wherein PolyCulture is signified by the first attribute of each of the following pairings, while Monoculture is typified of the second : the Whole and Part as Government and the individual, or All and One as the many and the few, the As-Is and Is-As, or nature or any given quality and condition As-Is, or nature or any given quality and condition Is-As the way we can make it.

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