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So first we start with Change, as every instant possessed of some form of change, so for instance the changing light all day. Two types of Change are espoused as Change which preserves the same and Change producing distinction from the pre-existent state changed. Change producing same is called Conservative and Change producing distinct is called Progressive. Conservative Change means that change leaves qualities and conditions conducive to reproducing states and circumstance the same or similar as proceeding the change. Trees live and die and new trees from seedlings take their places, live and die endlessly, or for 385 million years give or take. Forests are destroyed by fire and then reduplicate themselves in exact or near-like form. Conservative change promotes unchange. A third type of change is called Exoteric, which means Change that is derived from other-dimensional or Metaphysical dimensional sources.


Conservative Change is all natural and there is no progressivity in the known universe. In terms of this planet, Orbital Correlation, as the earth's orbit around the sun, means that no living entity can progress or evolve beyond the climatal limits, as tolerances of the given imperatives of which organisms must correspond, as there is no evolution of the Crocodile in its present form, and has been around give or take 55 million years, and the family of which it is from around 225 million years. It is conformed to its climate. However change the planet's orbit so all becomes desert and the Crocodile goes extinct.


The economic system of the natural world is Necessity and Subsistence. There is no excess and profit in nature. Survival of every entity is by consumption of, as only what is needed, with some minor exceptions such as cats, but then domesticity may play a role.

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