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Paradigm means the primary philosophy governing and affecting any given culture or society such as a religious or secular culture. The most fundamental of these paradigms are here said to be the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms,

Conservative means the natural world wherein change is the continuance of same or similar qualities, conditions and states infinitely by regeneration. Progressive means the introduction of Excess & Profit, which requires the natural world as raw resource and thus the introduction of Progressive Materialism, which necessarily requires Consequential Negation of all things material.

The Conservative Paradigm is described by the MetaProperty as All, meaning inclusive what is equality as common to All and everything such as air, earth, fire and water. And the Progressive Paradigm described by the MetaProperty One, meaning archetype, exemplar or apotheosis, as the authorities for Consequence primarily as exemplified by the Metaphysical Ideal exclusive which is human created perfection by mind or matter.

Because of the Consequential Negation of Progressive Materialism which deems the entire natural world as without any inherent Consequence, Authority is needed to maintain order. This Authority is the mono monsters as Monotheism, Monoculture, Monomeism and Moneytheism.

Mono used here means One. The monoists reject nature as of any Consequential Value in and of itself, wherein nature is a Whole representative of All. Nature does not make a profit but is a stable state and thus has no meaning, as producing products which would explain what it is. The universe has no meaning. Thus humankind must create it called Finite Determination, wherein the results and products of change explain reason, purpose and meaning as increased value over and above the state pre-existent. The end result as the Product, or that which gives meaning to activity and behavior is the Progressive holy grail.

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