There are said to be

primarily three archetypal interpretations of reality as the Given Existence. These are called Primary or Principle Properties as Condition, Context and Cognizance. They are also called the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. Cognizance is Interpretation by means of the Context of Condition.

Condition is the physical world. Context is the memory and mind. Cognizance is the interpretation of Condition and Context. The concept of Properties is utilized - which are employed as synopsis forms or descriptive short-cuts used to explain the three interpretive venues.

Principle Property - Condition :

The fundamental character of Condition, as the physical world and natural planetary Whole, is described by the SubProperty of Conservative , or change which continues the same - like summer, winter, summer. Transformation and destruction as change leaves states and conditions conducive to renewal as continuous regeneration and continuance, in exact or near-like form.

Conservative Condition is called Complimentary Opposition, wherein opposition as transformation or destruction is considered complimentary to continuation, as same or similar states. Forest fires, earthquakes or hurricanes leave states transformed or destroyed, but in condition to regenerate and renew themselves unendingly.

Principle Property - Context :

The second Principle Property is called Context as memory and mind and is considered as an independent dimension from physical Condition. Whereas Condition is defined as Conservative, bound to rigid physical laws. Context as imagination and creativity can supplant the mountain with a mole hill or dam the river to make electricity or fly like a bird in the mind's eye.

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Material Body is of the physical which is fixed stable, solid, predictable, as a stone is and stays a stone. Mind is of an opposite dimension which replicates reality. The mind is impermanent, fickle, changeable, creative, duplicative of the physical reality and which can be changed and altered by imagination in any manner desired. The dichotomy of matter and mind is the dualism most pervasive of the psychology of humankind.

Only human change is Progressive, defined as states considered superior to pre-conditions which in the productive utilization of material resource may destroy pre-existent states without regard to future viability and sustainment. Thus Progress is propertied as Context or resulting from memory and mind.

Principle Property - Cognizance :

Human interpretation as acted upon is called Cognizance which is the Product of Condition and Context. One's Cognizance or what one is aware is said to be relative to one's interpretations of Conditions by means of one's individual content of Context as mind and memory. Cognizance is said to be primarily related to Consequence, or what one perceives relative to what one considers important. What is on the ground is not noticed unless lost money is discovered there.

MetaProperty - The Whole :

The Whole is correlated to Condition. The MetaProperty Part is corresponded to Context and the MetaProperty Product is associated with Cognizance. A Whole is described as circumscribed domain, composed of numerically limited multiplicity of elements or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other.

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Every Whole is a Part of a larger Whole and every Part is a Whole in and of itself. A lung internal to itself is a Whole, but at the same time a Part as oxygenating blood external to itself, of a body which is a Whole, but a Part of a larger environment.

The difference between a Whole and a Part is said to be that the primary function of a Whole is to produce Products internal to itself as a viable environment for each of the Parts. The primary function of a Part is said to produce products external to itself that benifits the function of the Whole. A factory is a Whole in and of itself, but its primary and Unified Function is to produce products for use external as razor blades. If an entity such as the planet Earth produces no discernible products external to itself, it is called a Choate Whole and thus could be said to be not a Part.

Products internal to a Whole or a Part that are produced as change is called Conservative, or that which promotes self-preservation and duplication in exact or near-like form, thus preserving the Whole as what it. Unabated alteration such as cancer of the body will destroy the Whole. Progress is not complimentary to a Whole, since change alters what a Whole is, so that it isn't what it was any longer. Is new an improved Coca Cola - Coke anymore ? Progress then would be the function of the Part, as Products produced external to the laws that govern the planetary ecosystem. The Whole is correlated with the SubProperties of Conservative, Polytheism. Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

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MetaProperty - The Part :

Context as mind and memory may be Conservative as an individual or cultural inclination, or may be Progressive. If planetary nature is a Whole - a Part external to that ecosystem is Excess & Profit, which is inherently Progressive and is called Materialism, since all natural entities become material resource for profit including humankind. The Part is correlated to Progression in that the Part would be capable of objectives independent of and external to the Whole as war is directed against externalities never internally to the National Whole unless a civil war.

And thus is introduced the concept of Antithetical Opposition, which means all natural conditions or change antithetical to human pretensions of Excess and Profit is considered antithetical to human Morality. Because nature to include Socialism which is non-profit and Conservative, meaning it preserves itself in exact or near like manner and does not make a profit, is considered by the strictures of Progressive Materialism as invalid and of no Consequence and even evil. Activity and behavior expended should produce something in excess of the previous state to make any sense.

Progressive Materialism is correlated to the MetaProperty the Part by the concept of Finite Determination, the Progressive Materialist system of Consequential Evaluation wherein Products produced determine and define the Consequence of the producer.

If the Whole is defined by Products produced internal to itself. and the Part by Products produced external, Finite Determination is the Evaluative System of the Part. The individual produced a million bucks and thus was called a millionaire. The Progressive Materialist Identity is synonymous with what the individual produces external to the self, as last names originated with such Products produced is suggested such as Baker, Weaver, Potter, Coleman, Goldstone, Smith or Cook.

Finite Determination designates the creation of results and products as altered states, which construe and explain the activity and behavior of change as increased value and Consequence.

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MetaProperty - The Product :

Results and Products are qualities and conditions produced from the activity and behavior of change, either as natural, or human created. Products are said to be produced internal to a Whole and external to a part. An internal Product is the composition, constitution and dynamic of the Whole as actuality within itself. An external Product is the function of the Part as produced external to itself like the lungs produce oxygen for the Whole body.

MetaProperty - The All :

Human cultural existence compatible with Condition as a Product internal to the Whole of the natural planetary world is called Indigenous, which is pre-industrial pre-Excess and Profit culture, that is Conservative and complimentary to the Whole.

Indigenous peoples are here distinguished by the economics of Necessity and Subsistence, as opposed to the economics of Excess and Profit practiced by modern Progressive Materialism, which is the exploitation of the natural world's resources for overabundance. Since there is no Excess and Profit in the natural world, every being is entitled to the necessity of its subsistence as the construct of all living things.

All is associated with community, altruism, commonality, public, government, social union. All is every entity or individual as an inclusive Part of a Whole, comprised of a Unified Function in common with All the Parts. All means the Whole of Condition as the given planetary existence inclusive of every living thing the commonality of All life. All means any given microcosm as a lake or wood designated as a Whole. All is defined as those elements in common to given Whole as air, sky, weather, earth or water. Associated with All is Conservative, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

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MetaProperty - The One :

The MetaProperty One is the pinnacle of the Progressive system. One is associated with the Part which operates independent of the Whole, as criminal organizations operate outside the confines of the law. One is the principle premise of Progressive Materialism in which Consequence is established by the evaluative system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

Valuation is some degree between two opposite poles or top and bottom, elite and common, refined and primitive, rich and poor or beauteous and ugly or prince and pauper, in which the individual's Consequence is evaluated as some degree in-between, as added from the bottom and subtracted from the top. One means the top as elite, select, paragon, exclusive or superior. The bottom is the natural, common, un-educated, unrefined or un-prosperous. The ethic of One is self-interest, self-serving, autocratic and individualistic. The common All is to serve the superior One as most high and represents Monarchy and Monotheism. One is a Triadic MetaProperty attributable of Progression, Monotheism. One is a Triadic MetaProperty attributable of Progression, the Part, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

MetaProperty - The Null :

Null accords to the Principle Property Cognizance. If All is characteristic of Conservative and the Whole, while the One characteristic of the Progressive Part, the Null is characteristic of the Product and Metaphoria, meaning metaphor as Spiritual intercession in any given present instance would be metaphor as communication with other-dimensional entities such as Spirit.

MetaProperty - Ego :

The Ego is correlated to All while the Identities are correlated to the One and the Ipseities are correlated to the Null.

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The Ego proceeds from Context as mind and memory, and is the first personality developed from a wee infant. The primary function of the Ego is the Interpretation of Condition thru the Context of Incarnation as anything that affects the body. The Ego is called Conservative, which means its function is to evaluate the bodies correspondence to specific and constant performance correspondent to its environment and its own optimum operation. The primary function is as the Whole - to protect and preserve the body. The Ego is the first and primary personality, thinking I, decision-maker and selector of association. See bee associate sting, Bumble or honey from the memory.

The Ego as an Associative selector in the interest of one body and one body only, while the individual may adopt any number of Identities and Ipseities, as personifications to accomplish objectives as nurse, maid, housekeeper, mother or civic matron.

The Ego is attributed the MetaProperty All because the definition means here what is common to All and the same as in this case bodies. Every body has the same or near identical organs. What is common to All is that everyone has an Ego and a same and similar body defined as the first personality formed from the childhood's very beginning. The Ego is corresponded to Conservative, All, the Null, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

The Identities also proceed from Context as mind and memory, which are personifications created first by the Ego then perhaps Identities create Identities, the primary function of which is to accomplish objectives such as writer, poet, teacher, clerk, mother, father or cook. Identities are created as alternative personalities to the Ego, which as Progressive to create alternatives, are often in conflict with the Conservative Ego. The Conservative Ego does certainly not appreciate a sky-diver Identity.

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MetaProperty - Identities :

The Identities also proceed from Context as mind and memory, which are personifications created first by the Ego then perhaps Identities create Identities, the primary function of which is to accomplish objectives such as writer, poet, teacher, clerk, mother, father or cook. Identities are created as alternative personalities to the Ego, which as Progressive to create alternatives, are often in conflict with the Conservative Ego. The Conservative Ego does certainly not appreciate a sky-diver Identity.

Identities accord the body to objectives desired such as weight training or long distance running. While the Ego is affiliated with the MetaProperty All, Identities tend to accord to the One as producers or Progressive objectives. The desires for fame, fortune, power are all products of Identities. The body doesn't care. Rich food is bad for it whether it consciously knows it or not.

With the introduction of Excess & Profit and Industrialized Progressive Materialism the number of Identities possible for the individual is expanded even to the possibility of hundreds of different Identities from gardener to astro physicist. The Identities are equated with Progressive, the One, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

MetaProperty - Ipseities :

Ipseities are objective oriented personifications which represent other-dimensional being as Spiritual or Religious characterizations. Spiritual Ipseities take the form of nature spirits. As with Identities, there can be any number of Ipseities as is found in tales of mythology or as such as tree, lake or field spirits. Religious Ipseities are primarily emulative peonages of the past now deceased, that act as instructive illustration to the betterment and perfection of the individual.

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SubProperty - Polytheism :

The MetaProperties All, One and Null are corresponded to the All as the Spirituality of Polytheism, while the One is correlated to Monotheism called Religion, and Null as mystical is of the synchronicity of Metaphoria.

The MetaProperty All is correlated to the Spirituality of Polytheism as believed and practiced by Indigenous peoples, which means many Gods, Goddesses and all manner of nymphs, goblins, gnomes, sirens, spirits or sprites and Spiritual emtities of every sort.

Polytheism is further corresponded to the Principle Property of Condition and the MetaProperty Whole, with a Unified Function of a sum of Parts. Every aspect of a forest as a unified totality, produces whtat it is experienced to be, as a multipicity of interrelated Parts. In the same way, Polytheism is many interrelated other-dimensional aspects believed to populate the Spiritual world. Greek mythology is the most well known of the Polytheistic systems.

The Ego would be said to be the primary personality of Indigenous people. One Ego for one body and not a lot of Identities since numerous Identities are a product of progressive industrialization. The Ego would be said to be the primary personality of Indigenous people. Identities are defined as personifications of objectives such as gambler, health care worker, factory manager, nurse , bus driver or assembly line worker.

As for pre-excess and profit culture - there are not many objective oriented personifications as Identities, since pre-industrial Identities are limited to such as hunter, berry-picker, tool maker or fire starter. What Indigenous people have is Ipseities as many as they like. Thus instead of any number of Identities as industrial people have, Polytheism would possess Ipseities or supernatural characterizations in which to identify.

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SubProperty - Monotheism :

Monotheism is defined here as one God Religion, as opposed to the Spirituality of many deities Polytheism. Monotheism is a single one and only one God. Monotheism gemeally possesses some commonalities such as God is not from here, but resides elsewhere like Heaven, of which can only be envisioned thru Context as mind and memory.

Monotheism is of a seemingly convenient corollary to the MetaProperty One and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as evaluation between opposite poles. The opposites as top and bottom are God and the Devil. God is the greatest and supreme progressed perfection. The Devil is the deviant, aberrant, depraved and degenerate. One's individual religious worth is evaluated somewhere between the two, added from the Devil and subtracted from God. The individual is to progress to the greatest degree of perfection possible as exemplified by the One perfect God, that tolerates not any inferior imperfection, and thus tolerates no other less perfect Gods or Goddesses, and thus is fascist. The individual is to pursue attributes of the MetaProperty One as superior perfection separate from the All and Whole.

Whereas with Polytheism, deities live on the land if other dimensionally, and would be disproving of exploitation or resources, Monotheism in which God is an absentee landlord comports to Excess & Profit, wherein what is necessary for material resource is free from any hallowed consecrated restraint. Monotheism then is conducive of Progressive Materialism.

Whereas with Polytheism, deities live on the land if other dimensionally, and would be disproving of exploitation or resources, Monotheism in which God is an absentee landlord comports to Excess & Profit, wherein what is necessary for material resource is free from any hallowed consecrated restraint. Monotheism then is conducive of Progressive Materialism.

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Monotheism is considered as attributal of the MetaProperty Part because it produces a Product external to the Whole of nature, which is used as merely resource for the production of transcendent being.

It would seem that Polytheism with one Ego and few Identities has many deities, while Monotheism with one Ego and many Identities has but one God.

Property - Metaphoria :

From metaphor - here meant as states of perceptive Interpretation of reality in any given present circumstance for the purpose of recognitiion, identification, evaluation and Cognizance, interpreted and recognized as metaphor also called Synchronicity or Semiotic Language; recognized as double entandre - and wherein external reality would in specific instances - be considered as influenced by other-dimensional sources called Spirit, a more or less running conversation with reality as may be experienced moment by moment by any given individual.

Metaphoria is a beology created here as an alternative to Spirituality and Religion. The real world explains itself, and is alive and communicative, with no external qualifiers, but what it is in the Condition witnessed through the Context of Interpretation. Conversant language, as interpretation of sight - color - form and sound by correspondences; that can be matched to one and/or any number of given pre-existing Contexts, in which other-dimensional sources intervervene in the mundane - would metaphorically converse in Condition; and which the individual responds in notification and comment: by thought, word or deed.

SubProperty - Matriarchy :

Matriarchy not obvious in Progressive industrial culture, exists only in Monarchy where queens reign such as Britain, and that not all that feminine. Progressive culture is Patriarchal as objective oriented Excess & Profit with a Monotheist male God and Identities as personifications of objectives as male oriented.

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Matriarchy here would be equated with the Ego said to be of a more feminine and Conservative nature than the Progressive more masculine Identities. Matriarchy would be correlated to the Whole as community and the All as everyone as opposed to the Part as the elite individual and the self centered One, the crown of creation.

Thus where the Ego is more dominant as in Indigenous culture, the culture could be said to be more Matriarchal. Rather than the Whole supporting the One as in Patriarchal Capitalism, a Matriarchal characteristic is that the One individual supports the Whole as any vocation of which is equivalent in Consequence absent a hierarchy of dominance.

SubProperty - Patriarchy :

Patriarchy means male dominated culture and follows from Excess & Profit and Monotheism. With the introduction of Excess and Profit where trade is necessary to expend the excess, the interpretation of the Given Existence must assume new Context. The dominance of the Conservative Ego is replaced by the dominance of the Identities, as personifications to produce objectives as Excess and Profit. Identities would accord with Patriarchy wherein objectives inherent and necessary to Excess and Profit as roads to move commerce, bridges, conveyance, security and armies to protect and steal profits from others.

The Progressive system corresponds to the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, wherein the individual is to climb the ladder from the natural to Monotheistic perfection and the accumulation of capital assets, which is to create Identities as male One in contrast and in conflict with the female Ego All.

Monotheism is Patriarchal because women religiously speaking are too Egotistical, meaning to biologically natural, whereas the male Identity can emulate the perfection of a machine. The control of Private Property as the accumulation of excess, is generally ceded to the male since he may be unhindered with child birth and rearing, and thus more capable time-wise.

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SubProperty - Socialism :

Socialism is the economic system of nature and the known universe for that matter, which is non-profit equated to the Whole, wherein each of the Parts perform some function in the interest of the Whole as it's entirety, and wherein the Whole is of benefit to the Parts equitably.

Socialism is assets of a community as a 'Whole, pooled to be used for the benefit of the All as or when needed which by a pooling of funds can accomplish what the individual cannot, such as roads bridges, water and sewage. Government is socialist. Banks as a collective pool of community money is Socialist as is insurance. Churches sponsored by the community at large are Socialist. Each Part contributes to the betterment of the Whole which provides something needed by the community. All elements of the natural world are pooled for the benefit of the All as the planetary and local ecosystems.

The attributes of Socialism would be Condition, Conservative, the Whole, All, Ego and the Polytheistic Ipseities, and each of these would be equated to Matriarchy or more feminine qualities of family, community, altruism, commonalities or empathy.

SubProperty - Capitalism :

Capital means collected assets used as means of exchange or the ownership of property. Capitalism is the economic system of Excess and Profit which is the introduction of hierarchical accumulative Progressive private property possession. Capital is accumulated for private interests to the detriment of the Whole. The progressively improved Part by accumulation of expensive refinement becomes considered superior to the common ordinary All and which comports to religious Monotheism. By the accompaniment of the evaluative system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, the elite superior exclusive One becomes the cultural, political and economic aspirations to the detriment of the common All.

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Capitalism accords to Monotheistic religious Fascism and is anti-democratic, wherein the majority are increasingly priced-out of ever more expensive luxury enclaves of the rich, as fewer and fewer toward the top. Capitalist will side with Fascists if those autocrats would ensure a stable business climate. However it is true that Capitalism and democratic culture go hand in hand on the surface, but after a time democracy will devolve into secret rule by the Plutocrats.

SubProperty - Democracy :

Democracy means equality wherein a Whole as All of its Parts are considered equal in the necessary contribution to the proper function of the Whole. Socialism is equated with Democracy wherein each of the Parts contributes something to the Whole which supports the Part by its community large capacities. City parks are socialist, accessible and free to all. Private for profit parks are accessible to those that can afford them and for those who cannot it is fascism of the affords. Capitalism is an economic form of fascism, democratic for the rich and unobtainable repression for the poor.

Nature is democratic, meaning the predator misses more often than eats, unlike say cattle in a slaughterhouse where not one has a chance. Polytheism is democratic as it allows any number of divinities, even if some may not get along so well as forest and fire Gods.

The Ego would be associated with Democracy in that all bodies are for the most part the same excepting the difference between the sexes. Thus specific necessities are common to All and everyone is equal in specific needs or the democracy of need like subsistence, air and water. The equivalence of all should imply a democracy of distribution as the Whole and the Part implies equated with Socialism.

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SubProperty - Fascism :

Fascism is the sooner or later result of the private concentration of wealth and power, as the accumulation of capital and property for the benefit of private interests derived from Excess and Profit. Of course this is the be-all end-all of the Progressive System as an evolution from nature's muck and mire to sanitized sophistication and elite supreme. The lower classes love democracy while the upper classes love monarchy.

Monotheism is fascist allowing no God or Goddesses but One [no gods before me] elite all-great and powerful, perfect antithetical to and anti-nature. If God is perfect and nature is not, then the two are antithetically opposed and nature being anti-god thus maybe made mere material for exploitation by Excess and Profit. The Progressive System is sooner or later fascist, as the neo-fascists are American liberal Democrats.

The Identities are associated with Fascism in that Identities as created by mind and memory and thus adopted usually as ideology of objectives sometimes open but more often unconscious, where the Identity is fascist on its face such as intolerant religious zealots, racism or right wing anti-everybody not like us political parties.

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