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There will also be a propensity to create Alternate Polarities which are competing models of perfection with which opportunists from the lower classes who are shut out of the conventional system may attempt to create or impose. An example of this might be the American government created from within the English colonial structure. The Right wing has a propensity to take an authoritarian cast because of the concentration of power at the top. Ring Wing individuals tend to be in favor of that which will increase their status. When within the government they tend to use it to increase their own wealth and status or to weaken the government when it conflicts with their ambitions.

The Left Wing end of the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative corresponds to the Antithetical Matrix as everything diverse and undeveloped. The Comparative Base of the Left Wing consists in various and numerous individuals and groups generally composed of those who produce the multitudinous products and services of labor as the middle, lower and untouchable classes. These can be miners, fishermen, plumbers, carpenters, factory and office workers and trades persons of every sort. This group also includes various differences such as nationalities, class, ethnicity, religion, education, professions, sexual orientations, backgrounds and upbringings. For these people the Metaphysical Ideals may represent possibilities of the future for themselves or their heirs, and the upper and elite classes represent the embodiments of those ideals may even be worshiped.

In terms of politics the province of the Left Wing is an inclusion of all the diverse groups and interests of the lower end of the scale. Because the the dynamic of the Metaphysical Ideal is concentrated, and because elite status is only apparent when in contrast to the lower classes, social change which affects the betterment of the many is the province of the Left Wing. This requires organization which is all inclusive which is just the opposite of the exclusivity of the top. The Left Wing is the representation of organizations of the amorphous mass into a cohesive unity. This unity is best accomplished by means of government.

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