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Determination represents the evaluation of any state, condition or entity in terms of a definition which would indicate what it is, how it should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed. This determination represents the authority for human activity, behavior and conduct and is said to descend from what is termed the concept of the Bipolar Divergence. Two types of opposed determination are said to derive from this divergence as Finite and Proto-religious Determination. In terms of Finite Determination the identity, definition, context and consequence of any given state or entity is established by change created or produced from a pre-existent state of condition. Thus the ability to dig a hole may explain the reason, purpose and meaning of a shovel. A barbed-wire fence may explain the containment of cows. The existence of heaven and hell may explain earthly existence and its consequence. In terms Proto-religious determination the identity, definition, context and consequence are established by the qualities and conditions of a pre-existent state as they affect the sensory response of the individual. The brook in the woods may represent beauty, water to drink, cook and bathe, purity, fish to catch, place of spirits, or the sounds of the babbling brook.

Proto-religious Determination represents the Given Existence as absent any certain or specific reason, purpose, meaning or motive which would dictate the activity, behavior and conduct of every aspect of the life of the individual, and thus allows for the capacity of human free will.