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By the Absent Determinant as the absence of any certain and specific definitive attributes, Olamic Value is the assignment of varied definitions, values and consequences to states and entities, which allows for a variety of interpretations of events and circumstance and which can be relative to specific events and conditions. The apple trees are wild in the woods, or represent the Garden of Eden, symbolize the fall of man, may be considered as one a day for good health, or as a commodity to be sold at market. An apple left in the man's bedroom by a girl friend could be considered as accidental or as a message containing sexual symbolism of temptation. By an analysis of the symbolism, one must consider the possible meanings, maybe do some research into the parable, or consider the meaning in terms or the relationship with the girl friend. From the analysis it is possible to learn many things from a simple circumstance, that as ignored would have produced nothing. In terms of Olamic Value, the specific meaning, value and consequence given to states, conditions and entities is relative to the individual. In these modern days nearly everyone is conditioned into the premises of Finite Determination, Definitive Value and Finite Context, and in relationship to others one must assume that they interpret from that perspective. In terms of Spiritual Manifestations it is necessary to differentiate between random happenstance and spiritual communication. This distinction is termed Spiritual Context.

Spiritual Context is events and circumstance in which activity takes place that is interpreted as Spiritual Manifestation. This is anything from a sudden noise or bird suddenly appearing overhead, to a glove dropped or the flip of a coin. Random events occur constantly but without context, they don't necessarily mean anything. If one flips a coin for no reason it is meaningless. If one asks a question assigning the context of heads yes and tales no, the coin flip then possesses meaning. If by a pattern of experience develops wherein the coin is most always right, then after awhile when one could venture the assumption that maybe it is something more than random.