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Action Identity
Associative Identity
Borrowed Belief
Conflicting Identity
Conservative Identity
Correspondent Identity
Direct Memory Retrieval
Horizontal Evaluation
Indirect Memory Retrieval
Interpretive Context
Metaphysical Perception
Metaphysical Psychology
Parked Identity
Principle Interpreter
Primary Identity
Progressive Identity
Secondary Identities
Soul Psyche
Transcendent Identity
Vertical Evaluation
Vicarious Identity


Part One

Psychology is defined as the reasons, meaning, logic, rational or context for interpretation, decisions, activity, behavior and characterization, which affect every instance of the individual's life, or a person's science for the way one thinks and lives, and for assessment and dealing with others. Metaphysical Psychology means the particular way that an individual interprets reality or the Positive Dimension, and the Metaphysical Dimension as the extended future, by attaching association from the memory or Negative Dimension to sensory stimulus.

Interpretation means the selection and assignment of Association from the memory, that gives any present sensation or thought context, as identification, definition, history or ramifications. Selections are made automatically, followed by the volitional selections of the Thinking-I. If a person sees a snake, associations are selected automatically from the memory, which may in this case be conditioned negatives as poison snake, and then the Thinking-I selects specific associations perhaps more appropriate to the moment. Automatic selection is necessary for instantaneous response to potentially life-threatening situations.

The Theory of Metaphysical Psychology poses two primary means, in which the world is interpreted. These are what are defined here as the Ego and Identities. The Ego is interpretation through the Interpretive Context of one single body, or the physical sensory apparatus as given with birth. For instance one interprets the world differently relative one's sex. The Identities are personifications created by the mind or Thinking-I, that creates Interpretive Context as any number of personas or characters, usually as skill based objectives, like soldier, priest, merchant or farmer, as context to interpret reality. A third means of Interpretation is via a vehicle called the Ipseities which are created Identities, the purpose of which is extra-dimensional ends.

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