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There are said to be

primarily three archetypal interpretations of reality as the Given Existence. These are called Primary or Principle Properties as Condition, Context and Cognizance. They are also called the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. Cognizance is Interpretation by means of the Context of Condition.

Condition is the physical world. Context is the memory and mind. Cognizance is the interpretation of Condition and Context. The concept of Properties is utilized - which are employed as synopsis forms or descriptive short-cuts used to explain the three interpretive venues.

Principle Property - Condition :

The fundamental character of Condition, as the physical world and natural planetary Whole, is described by the SubProperty of Conservative, or change which continues the same - like summer, winter, summer. Transformation and destruction as change leaves states and conditions conducive to renewal as continuous regeneration and continuance, in exact or near-like form.

Conservative Condition is called Complimentary Opposition, wherein opposition as transformation or destruction is considered complimentary to continuation, as same or similar states. Forest fires, earthquakes or hurricanes leave states transformed or destroyed, but in condition to regenerate and renew themselves unendingly.

Principle Property - Context :

The second Principle Property is called Context as memory and mind and is considered as an independent dimension from physical Condition. Whereas Condition is defined as Conservative, bound to rigid physical laws. Context as imagination and creativity can supplant the mountain with a mole hill or dam the river to make electricity or fly like a bird in the mind's eye.

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