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Unfortunately Socialism often has a bad reputation, usually of course disseminated by the Capitalist hordes, and wherein Socialism is always associated and imitated in the likeness of Marx and Lenin and the Russian Revolution. And thus socialist parties are doomed to the curse of communism and ideas a hundred years old, most of which were tried and abandoned namely in Russia and China.

However most people live within the confines of socialist borders but don't know it. I look out my window and see a socialist street and street lights while underneath I know, a socialist sewage system. Socialist police will come if I need them as well as Socialist fire-people all government operated. I live in city that has a government and all Government is Socialist. Socialism is not some far off vision imagined by starry-eyed revolutionaries. Everyone lives under Government and thus under Socialism.

The question is - who owns the Government ? Capitalists for private profit of One, or Socialists for the equitable benefit of All. Corporate Capitalism can accumulate huge degrees of wealth and use that wealth to buy politicians, buy the media, buy government bureaucrats, and buy the government so as to regulate it to their own private profit interests. It is the nature of the corporation, stockholders with no interest, no skin in the game for what they own, and don't care except for the money they make by the value of the stock. Does any arms making stock holder care anything for the people those arms kill ? If they did they wouldn't own the stock. Abstract murder. And by this abstraction sooner or later most corporations become evil.

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