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The Part

Capitalists or Privatists would be those who work and profit for themselves and their relateds. The Parts can be Socialists or Capitalists. The primary function of the Whole is said to produce products internal to itself. This consists in the infrastructure such as roads, parks, water, sewage, zoning, libraries or building permits. The Parts are private individuals as government employees or private persons and businesses and organizations which generally create a capitalist infrastructure. The primary function of the Part is to produce products external to itself which serve to make-up an infrastructure and ambiance of the Whole, of which are restaurants, all manner of shops like supply and repair, manufacturing, sales, each of which performs some service for the general community of Parts for private profit. And there are private non-profit organizations such as churches, charity, environmental, aid and relief or public broadcasting and these are Socialist


Socialism is Conservative and Capitalism is called Progressive. Conservative means change that leaves states and conditions concordant to a return to the exact or near same constitution previous to change. Fires leave the forests to regenerate. A community would preserve itself in near like structure and thus most vocations would be maintenance, as European cities do or did. The Socialist Whole maintains a successful environment as-is in the interest of all of its Parts.


Progressive means change as producing a superior state or condition to that which was replaced by transformation or destruction. Nothing sacred. The old is to be replaced by the new even if the new is worse than the old, because this is how Excess and Profit is achieved. Whereas Conservative can be described by Necessity & Subsistence, Progression is described by Excess & Profit and Capitalism.

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