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The Part exists within the context of the Whole. The function of the Part is said to produce products external to itself generally as supportive of the Whole. Nature called the Given Existence, is defined as Socialism wherein every Part serves the Whole as the total planetary ecology limited to Necessity & Subsistence. Only the Parts called humans possess the capability of producing products other than for the benefit of the Whole called All, but rather for the self called One, by means of Excess & Profit and Capitalism.

All & One

The Socialist Whole is called the MetaProperty All. The Capitalist Part is called the MetaProperty One. Every Part must exist for itself and its own survival. However Parts may produce products solely for the self as One, and to the detriment of the Whole as All, by theft and as a concentration of the profit from products in the interest of a few. Corporate Capitalism historically is like its fellow paradigm Monotheism, as hatred of any but one God itself, violently opposed to Socialism. The One aspires to be the One and only All.

Capitalists say Socialism doesn't work. But this is hard to say since the US of America has overthrown or attempted to overthrow, boycotted and sanctioned and visited every hardship it could muster upon every democratic socialist nation on the planet. So we can't tell how well socialism might work. We know communism doesn't work. And we do know government works and works well when it is honest.

Today young people say Capitalism doesn't work. It works and it works quite well. But it works better for the few as opposed to the many. And what doesn't work in the sense of Capitalism as not good is Corporate Capitalism.

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