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Everyone loves an ice-cream soda shop. And small Capitalism works quite well. However where the Capitalists take over and control government, then there will be found corruption, crime, cannibalism, criminality and crookedness if not outright murder and mayhem.

Progressive Paradigm

The Progressive system called the Progressive Paradigm is based on the One, which means the One perfect, elite, exclusive, crème de la crème, aristocratic and Holy Grail of progressive evolution as the noblesse of any field. Everyone wants to get rich - top-notch. The SubProperties of the Progressive Paradigm are Progression, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

Progression is to the perfect One. Monotheism is the One perfect God. Patriarchy is the ruler of the family, male, head-honcho and the controlling One. Capitalism is the means to acquiring everything elite, and Fascist because the One superior to the lesser and degraded All is fascism.

Conservative Paradigm

The SubProperties of the Conservative Paradigm are Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

Conservative corresponds to the the Whole as preserving a unity of function and existence in exact or near like form. Polytheism accepts a plethora of the democracy of any number of Gods and Goddesses and what-have-you. Matriarchy represents female traits as Conservative, preservative and socialistic. Socialism as government representing All and Democracy, wherein elections are parliamentary based on share of vote and not upon who can afford to buy the most face-time and ballots.


Need is near the same for everyone while want is difference for everybody. Need would be the province of Socialism and want the province of Capitalism. Ideally government should provide free or affordable what all equally need, like food, healthcare, public transportation and infrastructure, public telecommunications, housing and fire, police, sewage and water.

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