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And further for people who want socialist political parties, the Corporate Capitalists will do everything they can to throttle the baby before it ever gets out of the cradle. But it is not they, for they pretend they are angels and believe it as well, but their hired fifth-hand security agencies will, both government and private. Start a card game or a quilting-be and the FBI will be-there to make sure it is not a socialist conspiracy.


And then there are the Liberals who call themselves Progressives but who are actually Conservatives but don't know it. Now how far do you think they are going to get in Politics ? They are against what the Capitalist gangsters are for, which is ever more, depreciation of the environment, the atmosphere, ever more war, ever more wealth, poison pesticides, pharmaceutical genocide and private corporate health care carnage where the most dangerous place in the world to have a baby is the US private capitalist health care system.

The liberals want less of all of this and call it progressive. Less is more. So of course today near the whole of the American Liberal left supports McCarthyism, the overthrow of the US president by any means, conclusions based on authority with no proof or evidence required, pure hearsay. And of course this is to be expected and a certainty, if they don't know the difference between Conservative and Progressive. And these Liberals like to take-over any new socialist organization that comes down the pike along as does the security agencies but separately and clandestinely. They will convince all they are better educated (abstract school learned) see my degree, therefore they know what's-what and mainly they put the art before the course, or the ends define the means.

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