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These various regional entities provide varying services for the Whole, such as county wide roads to state-wide, to a national transportation system. Socialist government coordinates between each of these jurisdictions. Government is generally good when its politicians and workers are honest. Government is generally bad when crooks proliferate siphoning off the public money for personal gain.


If money is necessary for people to live, then jobs are necessary for people to make money. Socialism is essentially maintenance or preserving what is, as community assets like city hall, perhaps the opera, and the infrastructure. The number of jobs is more or less fixed. Only Capitalism can provide job growth, in that new enterprises are continually created. Unless the population remains stable, as that size only necessary to maintain the Government and its functions, Capitalism it would seem, would be necessary where the population is greater than than what jobs a government could provide.

Basic necessities are housing, food-water and sewage, transportation and healthcare, all of which are private in America the only developed country in the world that does not have socialized medicine. Corporate Capitalism has proven itself to be for centuries the vilest evil ever invented with hundreds of millions dead on its karma. Good luck stockholders. Corporate Capitalism will attempt to destroy socialism at every opportunity and it would have to be outlawed for a socialist system to survive. They would destroy their own government if they knew it was Socialist. And they certainly should not be allowed to control health and medicines called pharmaceuticals where profit trumps the health of the individual.

Most everyone wants to own a home and have private property. And of course all kinds of junk and electronics, and furnishings of every sort all best left to the Capitalists.

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