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When one comes to discover that the society and culture of which they live is corrupt to the core, it might be desirable if there was some alternative to it. However because of the ever prevalent progressive materialist paradigm, probably the best the individual can hope for is redemption for the self. The proper understanding of the terms conservative and the Pseudo-conservative liberal/progressive dichotomy are essential to the ability to understand the underlying character of human relations and the nature of the natural reality as well.

A True Conservative means that the individual believes that the integrity of a given pre-existent state is greater than its transformation or destruction for alternatives to it. Almost all modern day conservatives are in reality progressives, with some exceptions such as some religious fundamentalists like the Amish. True Conservatives such as many but not all indigenous peoples have been and are still being eradicated for their land. The so-called conservatives of this day ( Pseudo-conservatives) are in reality progressives, wherein their entire identities are based on the accumulation of property, assets or good works.

The Pseudo-conservative and the Liberal as well, both derive from the paradigm of Progressive Materialism. In both cases the authority for the individual's consequence and worth come from sources outside the self, as attributes one must acquire, emulate, aspire to, earn or steal.

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