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World Centrex which is active as opposed to inactive, in which Metempiric Power may become concentrated producing a social ferment of creativity of a limited duration. The Active Centrex may shift from place to place, repeat in the same place, and possibly not be limited to a single center at one time.

Negative Dimension
General or specific, impressions, images or symbols, which are selected from, the myriad of stored experience and cognition in the memory, and compared automatically or selectively, to the sensory experience or Present-time Intellection, of any given present circumstance, as identification, classification, implication and context.

Association contained in the memory which imposes itself as an environment, as affects upon the sensory state of perception of the outer world, in terms of thought, feeling, temperament, emotional state, definition, context and consequence, in reference to any or all elements of any given present circumstance.

Logic Tandem w/ Foundation Reasoning
Authority Reasoning means that the conclusions of reasoning generally conform to Authoritative Imperatives. These imperatives are pre-existent conclusions that take the form of principles, standard, ideals, values, rule, law or propositions. Authority Reasoning means that facts, evidence and premises are selected and disregarded based upon prejudice toward conclusions already reached or held. Thus this form of reasoning is considered as Deductive Logic, wherein reasoning proceeds from the general to the particular or from the principle to the evidence. Dissertation


Unauthorized Metempiric Power
The authority and ability of Metempiric Power which is authorized by the Given Existence, and which is the province of the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity.

Beliefs, representing exterior states as qualities & conditions, in which the individual believes are worth the activity & behavior, as time, energy effort or risk, to create, change or sustain, as opposed to ideas as tenants and beliefs, in which the individual will not act.

The meaning of words as a common standard such as dictionary definitions, in which agreement between people may be possible as mutual understanding.


Volitional Response
Automatic response as action or association based upon past experience, which dictates thought or behavior in the present, as distinguished from: Volitional Response to any given present state or circumstance based upon the dynamics of a current situation. Automatic sensory response and association which is learned from the experience of conditions of any given circumstance, which controls the instantaneous and automatic response of the person to sensory stimulation, and produces patterns of repetitive activity, thinking and speech. Represents ability to learn and coordinate the activities of the body without thinking and relearning. Also represents the necessity of the automatic avoidance of harm from the environment.

Base Conviction as Self-Determination by the individual, as conscious decisions in which an analysis has been made of the implications and ramifications of the decision.

Authority Reasoning Tandem w/ Inductive Logic
Deductive Logic is wherein reasoning proceeds from the general to the specific. From a generality as a statement, rule, principle or classification, a singular instance may be deduced, ascertained or recognized, like the bird is identified as a duck from a category of duck-like characteristics. Deductive Logic is correlated with Authority Reasoning wherein conclusions precede evidence, facts or premises. Pre-existent conclusions may be authorities and mandates such as church doctrine, cultural convention or rules and laws, to which argument and therefore supporting evidence should conform. Dissertation


The combining of elements from unrelated subjects and categories by the process of Free Association in which unexpected relationships may become apparent.

Ability of the individual to Self-Determine every aspect of one's Base Conviction.


Knowledge which is derived from first-hand experience as the real circumstances of everyday living, which involves real physical consequences as time, energy conviction and risk, and which may employ the use of the state of Enigmatic Belief.


An extension of External Analysis as the ability to believe in untrue realities and identities as Learning Illusions, for the purpose of the study of the consequences of powers and accordant responsibilities greater than the individual can have as a singular individual. These allusions are created within the provinces of the individual's sphere of circumstances, for the purpose of understanding the logic of others and history.


Escape from the belief of Enigmatic Reality is the verification of the state with trusted others, for the purpose of returning to the accepted perspectives of reality, and debunking Learning Illusions.


A state of reality as perceived by an individual, in which everyday experience is interpreted as an extraordinary state of Extrapolation, achieved by Enigmatic Belief for the purpose of Learning Illusions.


Wherein the validity of the state of Enigmatic Belief, in terms of truth or illusion, or the actual ability to accomplish anything by Metempiric Power is unimportant. Considered significant is the knowledge achieved and the state of awareness and consciousness which is gained by the experience.


To personalize questions by revisiting in the memory, the real actual events in which problems are relevant, and thus bringing out the feelings, emotions and the dynamics of the circumstance.


The reality of the the exterior environment as opposed to the interior psychic, as anything from the individual's abode, interior furnishings, the neighborhood to geography and weather, which is used by the individual to explore questions and to experience reality from various perspectives while in the state of Enigmatic Reality.


Ability of imagination to glean any number of implications, from any given circumstance of ordinary every day experience, in terms of a larger context such as historical.

Tandem w/ Authority Reasoning
Foundation Reasoning means that conclusions are derived from grounds, foundation, facts, evidence and premises as given and collected, to which the conclusion should be derived regardless of the personal predilections of the reasoner. Correlates to the Inductive method of reasoning from particular to general. Dissertation, Dissertation


A term used describe the process of letting the memory freely recall any or all related memories, relative to and concerning a particular subject. Defined here specifically as method of Analysis, in which association is stimulated from the impetus of statements or questions, the purpose to discover the feelings, emotions and roots of the subject.


Psychic abilities as unconscious premonitions that predict events and allows for thought, word and action to correspond to events in future, thus allowing for the illusion of Metempiric Power and Enigmatic Belief.

Foundation Reasoning Tandem w/ Deductive Logic
Inductive Logic is where reasoning proceeds from the particular, singular or specific to the general as rule, classification, principle or generality. Twelve singular eggs equals one dozen. Inductive Logic is correlated with Foundation Reasoning wherein evidence, facts or premises precede and indicate conclusions. Dissertation


For the access of the greatest degree of knowledge based upon real experience, it must be assumed that the individual can learn and know what anyone else could learn and know, by a similarity of experience based upon a same or similar Human Sensory Apparatus, and a universality of access to similar circumstance. Real experience produces real consequences in which one's reaction is required to be responsible. Abstract knowledge does not necessarily involve consequences, in which the individual would be subject, and thus is free to believe anything which is convenient.

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