Metempiric Power
The powers of magic may be available to anyone. Magic, by creating change without physical means increases the individual's power, expands the person's decision making capacity and ability to affect Consequence. The purpose of magic may be to create greater powers of Consequence than can normally be experienced, and thus increase the experience with such Consequence wherein the character of spirit and Soul is developed or determined.


Enigmatic Belief
Manic Realizations are defined as the psycho sociological changes and traumas that may take place when one transcends suddenly from the Mundane to the Spiritual Consciousness, wherein the person's ordinary sense and perspectives of rationality are suspended. The person may perceive themselves as possessing exceptional and extraordinary powers and assets, which may defy rational explanation termed Enigmatic Belief. This means transcending from the belief that one is absent of any inherent worth, or worth limited to material possessions and means, to the conviction that one is of great worth and Consequence, not limited by physical and even logical and realistic confines. The ability to believe what is not at least scientifically and logically true, which may serve as Learning Illusions. A standard representation may be the Hanged Man of the Tarot Deck, as a death and rebirth of the personality and Ego. {Dissertation: Transcendental Analysis}


Tandem w/ Metaphysical Ego [Cognizance Theory]
The Material Ego is the Interpretive Context of the material body.


Memory Self, Tandem w/ Metaphysical Identity
Identity is the Interpretive Context and perspective through which the individual interprets the physical world through various personifications created by the mind, such as butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, and consists in attributes used to recognize the self, like name, sex, race, religion, nationality or occupation.


Will, Memory Self, Tandem w/ Spiritual Will
Ability of choice and decision making, independent of Spiritual Will, or as purely material process of a biological mind and memory, without the input of any non-physical source outside the 3-dimensional plane of materiality. This perspective would reflect the view of Progressive Materialism, wherein the material body must develop a soul progressively, as a means to giving finite meaning to living, in which a transcendent religious Ideal is usually only accessible to the elite, or the Monarch and church.


Where the memory acts as a personality of its own, controlling what the individual thinks, says and does by what can be remembered, acting on an unconscious or higher level, perhaps the Metaphysical Self. {Dissertation: Memory Dictate}


Material Will Tandem w/ Thinking-I
The theory of the Memory Self means a purely material and mechanical self and thinker, independent of any possible non-physical Spiritual Plane or Will, capable of decision-making and controlling the body, based on the requirements of the physical environment interior and exterior to the body alone. {Dissertation: Memory Self}


Where Determinative Impetus, as sources for Future Determinants, or sources for criterion of which determines or one uses to determine the future, proceeds from the Metaphysical Dimension, through the agency of the Metaphysical-I. This form of Determinative Impetus takes various types, from dreams, intuition, possibly clairvoyance or Semiotic Language.


Dimensional Trinity Tandem w/ Positive and Negative Dimensions.
From the universal All comes the Prototypic Duality of Cognizance and Condition of Being, or being as existence, and being as cognizance of existence. From the Prototypic Duality comes the Dimensional Trinity, as the Positive, (Condition of Being) Negative and Metaphysical (Cognizance of Being} Dimensions. The Negative Dimension represents the Interpretation of Cognizance. The Metaphysical Dimension is said to be a plane of Extended Existence, and represents the Psychesoma as singularity of Ego, and the Metaphysical-I as a multiplicity of Interpretive Contexts.


Psychesoma, Astral Ego Tandem w/ Material Ego
The Metaphysical Ego would be, assuming it to be a valid concept, the Interpretive Context of the non-material state of being.


Tandem w/ Extended Existence and Transcendent Being
[Cognizance Theory]
Term used to denote a state of continued and Extended Existence or Transcendent Being both before and after present physical existence. This existence is said to be embodied in the Cognizant Triad as the Aware, Thinking and Invisible I. {Dissertation: Cognizance Theory}


Cognizant Triad Tandem w/ Invisible-I
[Cognizance Theory]
The Metaphysical-I represents an aspect of the Metaphysical Dimension, as an interpreter, facilitator and bridge between the physical self or Somatic Being, on the material plane of the Positive Dimension, and the Psyschesoma or Extended Existence and the Soul.


Where the Metaphysical-I like the Aware-I perceives through the Soul the Metaphysical Plane.


Metaphysical Principles
[Cognizance Theory]
Principles as apply to Metaphysical and Extended Existence, but which may also affect Physical Being.


Negative Dimension [Metaphysical Psychology]
Metaphysical Psychology is based on the theory of the concept of Interpretive Context, in which there are two primary interpretations of reality, as through a singular Ego, that is the context of the body, and any number of created Identities, that are created by the Thinking-I, such as salesperson or horse trainer. Metaphysical Psychology is further intended to propose that these same elements exist and are the same for all cognizant states whether physical or spiritual. The Ego, Thinking-I and Identities are all aspects of the Negative Dimension called the Soul Psyche, and where the Dimensional Trinity is considered an always necessary dynamic to the operation of cognizance and Will.


Tandem w/ Spiritual Self
That entity called the Cognizant Triad, assumed as continued or Extended Existence, as life after death, used interchangeably with Spiritual Self, but without the spiritual connotations.


Authorized and Unauthorized Tandem W/ Future-sync
Power to create physical change by the seeming facility of magic, wherein nonphysical means are employed. Attributable to spiritual forces which are inherent aspects of the Given Existence, and which may be accessible to any given individual in any time and place, as Authorized or Unauthorized. {Dissertation Metempiric Power}


Mindfulness is generally associated with meditation. Meditation itself is not exactly understood as to exactly what it is. It is said to be variously, concentration on nothingness, on one single thought, on one's breath, on thought or spoken chants and other things. Mindfulness here means circular concentration, where the mind is not forced to concentrate on singularities, but concentrates briefly, and then is allowed to wander or daydream as is it's normal propensity. However the mind comes back to subject, such as a problem or question continuously. This circular concentration can have various cycles of repetition. Some subjects would be revisited once every few minutes, once an hour, once a day, once a week etc. The point is that concentration is maintained by a constant re-visitation, even over many years or even decades.


Progressive Material Volitional Identity Tandem w/ Symbolic Consciousness
Interpretive Context of Progressive Materialism, wherein the condition of the physical existence is perceived and believed to have no inherent consequence and value in and of itself. Wherein the individual perceives the reality of the human condition in terms of and in which the identity and definition of everything tends to be singular, isolated and independent with no overall plan, coordination, theme, purpose or goal. All phenomenon and change is considered as material, mechanical and automatic like cause and affect, wherein the impetus of all change is due to simple interactions of the properties of the elements involved such as the mixture of cold and warm air. {Dissertation Consciousness & Intellect}


Metaphysical Dimension Tandem w/ Positive Dimension and Negative Dimension
The Mystical Dimension would be Will. The Positive Dimension is the material world or any Plane of Distinction, and the Negative Dimension is a Replica State or memory, both of which are considered as physical, since memory depends on the material brain. The Mystical Dimension represents Will and the Cognizant Triad which consists in the Aware, Thinking and Invisible I. The Cognizant Triad transcends into Extended Existence, or life perhaps before and after death.


Free Will Tandem w/ Imperative Determinant
The absence of any known result & product as a future state, which would explain the reason, purpose and meaning of the Given Existence, as something different from what it already is as an experience of its natural condition. The Imperative Determinant in terms of a known future state distinct from the natural world, would require and dictate human activity & behavior, to correspond to the production of that end, and would represent pre-mandated behavior and the absence of Free Will.