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The theory of planetary warming as expressed here, was illustrated by James Burke, and is called 'After The Warming', as presented in the U.S., via the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, broadcast in the late eighties or early nineties. Burke previously did a series of shows based on the history of technology called 'Connections', in the great style first originated, it is assumed, by Jacob Bronowski. The theory of planetary warming as presented by Burke is seemingly being born out. Ultimately though, his proposed outcome is that all turns out well and good in the end, after humankind finally gets its pollution under control at about '2050. This could be said to be somewhat optimistic. As he predicted, not only has nothing been done about it so far, but nothing much is even being said about it, at least in the capitalist operated media. But then what can be done when every aspect of most of modern social institutions are based upon the premises and consciousness of Progressive Materialism.

The theory of planetary warming called the Greenhouse Affect has been around since the late nineteen fifties. The theory has been given little credence by the authorities since it is inconsistent with the objectives of Progressive Materialism. The theory of Greenhouse is that Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases act as a screen, which allow rays of the sun to penetrate through the atmosphere as light and heat, but prevent infrared radiation from reflecting from the earth's surface, back into outer space, which causes the the atmosphere to warm. The more carbons the warmer becomes the earth. This is a natural condition and is necessary to keep the planet warm. It is said that without this greenhouse heating, the surface temperatures of the planet are estimated to be, from zero to minus one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Planetary temperatures are determined by the slowly changing rotation and tilt of the earth's poles in relationship to the sun. Every two hundred thousand years the rotation and tilt produces and an Ice Age.

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