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The problem of the Absent Determinant emanates from the human condition of limited perception and understanding concerning the origins of the universe, its size, weight and mass, the nature of its possible ending, or the reason, purpose and meaning for the existence of everything that is contained within it, to include the human presence. This problem is manifested such that humankind does not know what the sphere of the planetary environment is, what it is for, when it began or when it will end, why the universe was created, or even if it began at all, but rather existed always. Thus it could be said that all human consciousness is subjective, meaning that since there is no sure way to ascertain what anything is, then there is no certain manner in which humankind should be said to conduct itself.

Human conduct is proscribed by what is termed the concept of Prohibitive Consequence, which refers to physical prohibitions or what is physically impossible or detrimental to human well-being. This means things like walking on water, moving mountains without machines, being in two places at once or breathing under water. Thus conduct toward or treatment of things is mandated in relation to the character, composition and construction of entities, in terms of what it is possible to do. Another physical form of prohibition is defined by the concept of Necessity and Subsistence, wherein transformation or destruction is limited to only what is necessary for simple existence, which is applicable to every animal species except the human. Prohibitions are also conceptual, or what cannot be done by the reasonable certainty of foreseen future states, which are known or can be predicted to be deadly or injurious to the extent that they prohibit undertaking.