Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority
Represents the inherent qualities & conditions of any phenomenon, entity or event as Absence of Consequence. Is the negative pole of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as opposed to Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities. Represents natural, primitive or undeveloped qualities and conditions as antithetical to human values, and absent Consequential or Prohibitive Integrity, wherein value is obtained, by use as material resource for Qualified States. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Metaphysical Ideal}

Antipodal Associative Paradigm
Antithetical Opposites mean diametrically opposed, and is the basis of Progressive Materialism, as the natural world called the Given Existence and Qualified States, in which is destroyed what is natural and living and replaced with what is unnatural and dead as Antithetical Opposites. Negative qualities & conditions as Comparative States, in opposition to positive qualities and conditions as Metaphysical Ideals which represent Additory Base, from which to define any given entity as some degree more or better than. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Opposition}

Opposition tandem w/ Complimentary Opposition
Represents the interpretation of transformation & destruction, as the natural activity & behavior of change, inherent in the natural world as the Given Existence, to be opposed and antithetical to human created and sustained qualities & conditions as Qualified States. Antithetical Opposition is a human determination, in which conceptual or human created changed states are considered to be antithetical to and may promote the absence of specific pre-existent states and conditions. Related: Antagonistic Opposition. {Dissertations: Opposition, Antagonistic Opposition and Properties}

Overview and Orbital Correlation
A name used to refer to the overall theory contained in this web page. All life depends upon and is relative to, the consistent and stable temperature of the sun, and an exacting orbit of the earth around it, to which all living things must conform in terms of organic and genetic construction, constitution and function. If the planetary environment and the human organism are fairly constant over the ages, then there exists a commonality of experience which is applicable to any person in any time or age such as earth, air, fire and water.

Seven bodies of being as : Somatic Being, the Sentient Self, the Ego, the Identities, Ipseities, Euphoric and Psychesoma.

Three interpretive facilities of memory and mind called the Ego as interpretation of the body, Identities as Contextual interpretation engendered as objective oriented personifications, and Ipseities as other dimensional objective oriented Identities.

MetaProperty, Interpretive Context, Tandem w/ Is-As
As means for and Is means existent or for-existent, meaning what already exists. The validity of any given entity precedes any change the entity may undergo, or authority As something distinct. As-Is the fundamental element of the Conservative Paradigm. Primary Associational Interpretive Context meaning reality perceived As-Is rather than Is-As or something else, like a red house envisioned instead of white.

Negative Dimension Tandem w/ Interpretive Context and Personifications
Association is images, impressions, feelings, thoughts, conceptions stored in the memory, that are automatically or selectively attached to present experience or thinking, as identification, classification, implication and Context. The Interpretation of reality is defined as the Volitional Selection of specific Associative memory relative to the individual, as assigned and attached to any given present sensory impression or thinking. {Dissertation Associative Landscape}

A library of conceptual memory from which Association is selected, the choice of which is called Interpretation, and which consists in first the sexes and the three Paradigms as the Conservative, Progressive and Metaphysical. [Schematic] {Dissertations : Conservative Paradigm, Progressive Paradigm, Metaphysical Paradigm

Association contained in the memory which imposes itself as an environment, as affects upon the sensory state of perception of the outer world, in terms of thought, feeling, temperament, emotional state, definition, context and consequence, in reference to any or all elements of any given present circumstance. {Dissertation : Associative Landscape

Mystical Dimension
Experiential reality as a state of mind, independent of the Positive and Negative Dimensions, such as Astral Projection, White Light, Remote Viewing, wherein the verification of the objectivity of the experience is its archetypal nature, described by others independently.

Mystical Dimension
Natural facility of the Human Sensory Apparatus, independent of the reliance upon drugs, in which an identity separate from the physical personality is capable of disengaging from the body and proceeding to realities of the Mystical Dimension independent of the physical body.

Tandem w/ Primary, Principle, Meta and Sub Properties
The Attendant Properties are Conservative, Progressive and Exoteric.

Authority Reasoning Tandem w/ Fascism
Where authority rules by virtue of dominance, as power, force, money, religion, credibility, and wherein no evidence, substantiation, demonstration or corroboration, as reason, rational or logical outcome is considered necessary, such as Monotheism and Religion, the omnipotence of monarchy, or the dictates of professional specialists. What is true is what authorities say is true, even if black is white. Dissertation : Authoritarianism

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Authoritative Dictates
Comparative Standards as authority wherein by comparison any state or entity is assessed value and consequence. The validity of the consequence of the existence and assessed value of any state, condition or entity, based upon the degree of correspondence to an ideal, model and standard external to the inherent composition, character, dynamic and environment of the subject. In terms of human relations, the Authoritative Imperative is Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities as standards of progressed, correct, proper or perfect human activity, behavior and conduct to which individuals and groups are expected to correspond.

Authoritative Politics Tandem w/ Utopian Politics
Represents the social organizations and governments which derive from the introduction or adoption of Excess & Profit and Progressive Materialism, and which is considered as Authoritative, wherein progressed states and entities act as authorities for human activity and behavior, from which Social Contracts are derived. {Dissertation: Authoritarianism}

Positive and Negative Dimensions
Used in the context of the Lexloci to mean authorities as the reasons, purposes and motivations for human activity, behavior and conduct, which can derive from either the reality of any given present circumstance as Intrinsic or from states of mind as Extrinsic Authority. {Dissertation: Authoritarianism}

Extrinsic Authority
(For human activity & behavior, Negative Dimension)
Past qualities & conditions or future results & products, as states of the memory or Conceptual Authority, as the dictates for human activity & behavior, as distinct from the authority of the qualities & conditions of any given present circumstance of the Positive Dimension. {Dissertations: Authority for Human Activity & Behavior and Authoritarianism}

Intrinsic Authority
(For human activity & behavior, Positive Dimension)
Qualities & conditions internal or external to the Human Sensory Apparatus, which represents the impetus and dictates of human activity & behavior, as energy, effort, time, or risk, as either: the maintenance or the creation of alternatives to any given present state or circumstance. {Dissertations: Authority for Human Activity & Behavior and Authoritarianism. Commentary: Intrinsic Authority}

Logic Tandem w/ Foundation Reasoning
Authority Reasoning means that the conclusions of reasoning generally conform to Authoritative Imperatives. These imperatives are pre-existent conclusions that take the form of principles, standard, ideals, values, rule, law or propositions. Authority Reasoning means that facts, evidence and premises are selected and disregarded based upon prejudice toward conclusions already reached or held. Thus this form of reasoning is considered as Deductive Logic, wherein reasoning proceeds from the general to the particular or from the principle to the evidence. {Dissertations: Logic and Truth}

Metempiric Power Tandem w/ Unauthorized Metempiric Power
The authority and ability of Metempiric Power which is authorized by the Given Existence, and which is the province of the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity. {Dissertation Metempiric Power}