Prohibitive Integrity Tandem w/ Consequential Negation
Consequential Integrity, represents assessment of the value of any phenomenon, entity or event, as qualities & conditions of pre-existent states, which possess a Consequence of Being, such that transformation or destruction, for alternative states or circumstances is prohibited or limited. Consequential Integrity is what Religion calls grace, sanctification, consecration, hallowed, sacrosanct, beatified, holy or divine. When the natural world is considered merely material, with no inherent Consequence, sanctification is possible only from another dimension.

Finite Context Tandem w/ Consequential Integrity
The negation of the validity and consequence of any state or entity, by virtue of the designations of undeveloped, unfinished or incomplete. Negation by virtue of what is said to be without any known and certain end or objective that explains an entities existence. Allows for the unfettered use of the natural world, to include humankind, as material for the creation of Qualified States, by the absence of prohibitions upon the treatment of any given state or entity, excepting that derived from things like the authority of god, Morality or the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. {Dissertation: Consequence}

Consequence of Being
Consequential Value represents, what is important and significant to the individual: or (1) sensory accordance, as qualities & conditions, interior or exterior to the Human Sensory Apparatus, in any given present circumstance; and (2) the exchange of activity & behavior, as energy, effort, time or risk: as (a) the preservation and maintenance, of constant and consistent qualities & conditions, or (b) the creation of results & products, as alternatives to the constantly changing environment, of any given present state, as necessity or superfluity.

Intrinsic Authority Tandem w/ Progressive
Change that leaves a state conducive to the preservation of the same state, as forest fires leaves conditions conducive to new forests, is called Conservative. Nature is Conservative which means that all natural change either duplicates or promotes the duplication of the qualities and conditions pre-existent change. Conservative and Progressive are paired as opposites. Conservative is defined by the absence of Excess and Profit; or there is no Excess and Profit in nature or the known universe other than human anomaly. The economic law of nature is defined by the concept of Necessity and Subsistence. Attributals of Conservative are the Whole, the All, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy. Dissertation : Properties. Conservative defined by the concept of the Consequence of Being means that the integrity of any given pre-existent state is greater than alternatives that can be created to replace it. Descending from the concepts of the Whole and the Part; Socialism is defined as the Part serving and supporting the Whole; and wherein this Whole as community, in turn serves and supports the Part as the individual. Socialism is called Conservative. Conservative and Progressive Politics. Givens greater governs ends - as Conservative. Ends greater governs Givens - as Progressive.
{Dissertations: Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy, Conservative, Natural Law, True Conservative and Properties}

Equivalency Principle Tandem w/ Absent Determinant
The Conservative interpretation of the concept of Finite Determination, in which the Given Existence is considered a complete and finished result & product, and wherein all natural states and entities are explained by the activity & behavior of what they already are. This means that the result & product of any natural state or entity is the promotion and replication of an already existing finished form, both as itself and the greater environment which supports it. {Dissertation: Overview}

Conservative Tandem w/ Progressive Paradigm
Paradigm means the primary philosophy governing and affecting a given society or culture such as communism, capitalism or Christianity. The Conservative Paradigm refers to cultures proceeding the introduction of Excess and Profit and generally termed Conservative Spirituality. The Conservative Paradigm consists in : Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy. The Conservative Paradigm is said to descend from the concept of the Whole which means that any given entity is defined as a Whole, when its function, as the result and products it produces, are designated as internal to itself. The planet earth would be designated as a Whole, where all its discernable products are internal to itself. A Whole is defined as Conservative because its function is to operate at optimum conditions which is preservative. {Dissertations : Conservative Paradigm and Properties}

Bipolar Divergence, Complimentary and Antithetical Opposition
Conservative : in which the Given Existence or any given pre-existent state, is considered an already complete and finished result and product, wherein the activity & behavior of transformation & destruction, is explained as the promotion of the preservation of already complete states. Progressive: wherein pre-existent states are considered as incomplete and unfinished and therefore activity and behavior as transformation and destruction, should produce changed conditions, as the increase of value or improvement. {Dissertation: Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy}

Unified and Utopian Identities, Tandem w/ Progressive Material Volitional Identity
Resident Identity as inculcated or adopted by any individual in any age or time, based upon the premises of Conservative Spirituality, and Ethical concepts as a composite. This identity is characterized by the Equipolent Emotional Dynamic wherein Emotion is based upon Consequence in which all natural entities are of equivalent value. Emotional response tends to be appropriate to the present circumstance by Correspondent Association as opposed to bipolar stereotypes. Because all natural entities are of equivalent value and also because they are considered to have a legitimacy of inherent consequence, the individual is responsible to all elements of any given present circumstance, as described by the concept of the Responsibility Ethic. The Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity is an associative state which is more in correspondence with the experiential non-associative condition of Enlightenment, as in contrast to the associative state of the Progressive Material Volitional Identity. {Dissertations: Identity, Consciousness & Intellect and Symbolic Identity}

Spirituality Tandem w/ Progressive Materialism
Change that maintains same or similar conditions. All natural change as transformation or destruction is defined as promoting the existence of tandem pre-existent states changed in identical or near-like form. The Whole explains the Part as a collection of affinitive entities, which act as Unified Function, to comprise the internal domain of any given Delineated Entity, In political terms Conservative is described as Socialism, wherein the function of every Part is to support and serve the function of the Whole; and wherein the Whole is the pooling of the collective resources for the purpose of producing benefit for the entirety, to support every function of every Part. {Dissertations: Proto-religion and Proto-religious Determination}

Negative Dimension tandem w/ Inherent Consequence
Qualities & conditions, important, significant and of consequence to any given individual, which originates from the Negative Dimension, as the creation, fabrication, invention or production of Qualified States.

Principle Property Tandem w/ Condition and Cognizance
Context is the Negative Dimension as mind and memory, as a reflection of the Positive Dimension as well as multitudinous creations of imaginary mind. Context concerns the Interpretation and Evaluation of Condition and Context itself. Context is represented as Condition of Cognizance. Attributals are One, the Part, the Identities and Spirit. {Dissertations : Context, Positive & Negative Dimensions and Properties}

Interpretive Context
The experience of reality by any individual is said to be controlled by Interpretive Context, as the history of one's individual experience in the memory. Context as conceptual descriptive attributes in the memory is selected to any given instance of present reality or thinking automatically of volitionally. The blanket is blue, or the early snow means a long winter. The contexts selected determines the experience, feelings, emotions, value, consequences and thinking. Any given instance of present reality can be interpreted in any fashion by any individual or agent of cognizance, as the selection of context.

SubProperty Tandem w/ Democracy and Fascism
Convention is unwritten law, manners and mannerisms as to how things are done, of which most people agree and correspond. Convention tends to be cultural and local, as when in Rome do as the Romans do. Do not speak to strangers is not a law but is a convention followed by some people. Government, Democracy or Fascism do not recognize the Metaphysical, and thus such recognition in political terms might be regulated by Convention.

Tandem w/ Capitalism
The fundamental tenant of Corporate Capitalism is shareholder profit by any lawful means and illicit when possible. Fundamentally profit, without morals or ethics not in every case, but where there are large corporations engaged in self-serving politics there is crime.

Negative Dimension Tandem w/ Disconjunctive Association
Correspondent Association is the ability of the memory, to accurately select association from the past: (1) which corresponds to present experience or Present-time Intellection, (2) identifies, defines, and gives context, to any or all elements, of any given present state or circumstance, as precise and identical, to past experience, (3) and wherein the association does not modify, the present experience or thinking, by minimization or exaggeration. {Dissertations: Authority for Human Activity & Behavior, Overview and Positive Dimension}