The choosing, of activity and behavior in present, as the ability of the mind to predict and produce, Comparative States in future, as same or distinct, based upon the consistency of similar states in the past, which are projected into the future.

Absence of Consequence, Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Tiered evaluation such that value is deducted from qualities, conditions, states or entities as transformation, destruction and exploitation, which is authorized by an absence of Consequence, and as especially numerically zero worth. The root of Evil.

Authority Reasoning Tandem w/ Inductive Logic
Deductive Logic is wherein reasoning proceeds from the general to the specific. From a generality as a statement, rule, principle or classification, a singular instance may be deduced, ascertained or recognized, like the bird is identified as a duck from a category of duck-like characteristics. Deductive Logic is correlated with Authority Reasoning wherein conclusions precede evidence, facts or premises. Pre-existent conclusions may be authorities and mandates such as church doctrine, cultural convention or rules and laws, to which argument and therefore supporting evidence should conform. Dissertation

Conservative Spirituality Tandem w Deep Ecology (Politics)
Defined here in conjunction with the overall theory of Any Age Authority and specifically by the philosophy and perspective of Conservative Spirituality. Deep Ecology would represent a philosophy of thought and lifestyle reflecting that humankind is considered as an aspect and not the object and zenith of nature, wherein the natural world is considered to possess inherent consequence in and of itself of a spiritual nature. Deep Ecology would involve Ethical considerations as prohibitions, obtaining identity by identification with the whole of the natural world, rather than the promotion of volitional capabilities of humankind, wherein identity is obtained by the means of Excess & Profit.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Wherein the Consequence of Being or other types of evaluation, of any phenomenon, entity or event, is assessed by comparison to Comparative Standards as Additory or Subtractive Base. This is termed Numerical Qualification as the degree to which the subject of comparison, possesses or is absent those qualities & conditions.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Represents type and use of Comparative Base as a propensity to assess value, in which when the attributes of the Positive Base Comparative Standard are Definitive the attributes of the Negative Base Comparative Standard are relative and vice versa. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Finite Determination tandem w/ Olamic Value
In terms of Finite Determination, Definitive Value means that any phenomenon, entity or event is identified and defined in terms of relationships to results & products, as contributive resource, vehicles for or actual qualities & conditions, such that the consequence and value of a state or entity is ascertained by the qualities & conditions it produces, in past, present or future. {Dissertations: Finite Determination, and {Commentary: Definitive Value}

A Delineated Entity is any given Whole or Part that is contained in Determinative Domain, which possesses a delimiting border or boundary containing specific context.

Socialism Tandem w/ Fascism
Democracy is defined as descendent from and integral to the concept of the Whole. Socialism is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the Whole, as any town or city government not stolen by private interest illustrates, and where every Part is an equal contributor to the Whole in various and sundry roles. Dissertations : Democracy and Properties

Necessity & Subsistence
Democracy, in terms of the predator/prey relationship, in which the prey has a chance, if the predator is successful generally from one in three, to one in ten times, as opposed to the human concept of factory livestock and fishing, where the prey has little or no hint of a chance.

Identity Determinant Tandem w/ Unified Identity
The personal acceptance or determination, of the absence of inherent consequence concerning the human condition, produces a dependency for consequence, worth and a validity of existence, upon the ability to produce things of consequence. What is of consequence for the Progressive Material Volitional Identity is material assets as Volitional Abilities. The individual dependency is a necessity to correspond material acquisition to Metaphysical Ideals. In terms of Religious Materialism, the individual is dependent upon a correspondence of comportment and conduct to Extra Mundane Authorities.

Bipolar Divergence: Conservative and Progressive Paradigms, Progressive and Existent Determination
Determination represents the evaluation of any state, condition or entity in terms of a definition which would indicate what it is, how it should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed. Represents Authority for human activity, behavior and conduct based upon the reason, purpose, meaning, value and consequence of any given phenomenon, entity or event. Two determinative authorities are proposed called the Bipolar Divergence as the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms, or change that produces duplication and change that produces distinction. {Dissertations: Finite Determination, Proto-religious Determination, Determination and Synopsis}

Determinative Domain would mean any given domain called a Whole, determines the nature of what is internal to itself called a Part, as lake water determines the life internal to itself. The essential property of Determinative Domain is called Unified Function, wherein what is internal as the Parts, must conform to the compositional construct of the Domain external, called Extrinsic Domain.

The determinative of activity and behavior as originating of the Positive, Negative or Metaphysical Dimension. The determination of the origin of activity and behavior of any given entity or circumstance, primarily as a function of the Ipseities.

The three dimensions called Condition, Context and Cognizance, as the physical, mind and memory and cognizant awareness also called the Cognizant Triad. {Dissertations: Condition, Contex and Cognizance}

Negative Dimension tandem w/ Correspondent Association
Disconjunctive Association represents, the facilities of the memory, as impressions, images or symbols, manifested as imagination, fiction or dreams; in which elements of any given past experience, may be reorganized into patterns of association, which do not represent, a true and accurate depiction of past experience, and may modify sensory response, and activity & behavior, in any given present circumstance. Related: Present-time Intellection, Conceptual Objectives, Conceptual Empowerment

Progressive Materialism and Elitism
Double Standards are one set of rules, laws, standards unequally applied. Double Standards derive from the concept of the Authoritative Imperative, wherein models as comparative standards are used to compare any condition, state or entity for assessment of consequence and value. Double standards come into play when those individuals who correspond to Authoritative Comparatives are treated in one way and those who do not are treated in another.

Antithetical and Complimentary Opposition
Buddhism Tandem w/ Duality
The condition of opposites and seeming structure of the natural physical world, such as space and mass, light and dark, cold and hot or large and small. The universe is considered by some to be structured on a relationship of opposites, the dynamics of which produces a harmonious, balanced unified, single and whole entity. Some spiritual traditions such as Buddhism believe that the way to spirituality is to transcend duality, the experience of which is termed Enlightenment. An essential aspect of the theory of Any Age Authority is the dichotomy between what is termed Progressive Materialism, in which division is needed to produce progressive development, and Conservative Spirituality wherein the perspective of the natural condition is of a unified whole. {Commentary: Duality}

Progressive Paradigm, Authoritative Imperative Tandem w/ Optimum Correspondence
The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is defined as the evaluative system of the Progressive Paradigm. Wherein by the perspective of the Absence of Consequence, as a considered condition of the natural world, a system is necessary to regulate what can and cannot be transformed or destroyed. The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is a system of evaluation which uses a scale of Numerical Evaluation as incremental degrees between Antithetical Opposites, negative and positive or as one to ten. Evaluations as degrees of Consequence, worth or validity for any state or entity, are assessed by degree on the scale of one to ten, added from one and subtracted from ten, like earthly existence is something more than hell and something less than heaven. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, Antipodal Associative Paradigm, Evaluation }

Authoritative Imperative and Morality
Authority for human activity & behavior derived from the introduction or adoption of Progressive Materialism, wherein individuals are obligated to social contracts as moral codes of conduct, based upon the system of assessing value and consequence described by the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.