Conservative Spirituality
Name in Greek mythology for the goddess of the earth or Mother Earth. Includes a more recent interpretation that the earth as a planetary entity is a single, unified living organism. {Dissertation: Proto-religion}

Positive Dimension tandem w/ Qualified States
The Given Existence is every phenomenon, entity or event of the natural world and universe, to include the the human organism that does not invent itself. The Given Existence is all things natural and does not include Qualified States, or the results & products of human activity & behavior, which is the creation, fabrication, invention, production and maintenance of alternatives to nature, as states which promote the absence of the qualities & conditions of the natural world. {Dissertations: Positive & Negative Dimension, Necessity and Subsistence and Condition}

From Astrology and Tarot, leading to the fifty-two card playing deck of today, there are four suits as the Priest (cups/hearts), the Merchant (coins/diamonds), the Soldier (swords/spades) and the workers or peasants (batons/clubs). These are called here the four G's or Gknowns as God, Gold, Guns and Grunts.

The genius of God or the concept of same is that it is invisible and can be anything anybody wants it to be. The genius of a Conservative God is that God is everything and thus can be anything to everybody. The genius of a Progressive God is that it is superior to nature and the measure of all things, and thus that and those which do not measure up can be exploited in any manner imaginable.
God as All is Whole. God as Whole is inclusive of All. God as One is Part. God as Part is exclusive as One. God as Null is Product. {Commentary : God}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.
The problem with the Golden Rule, 'Do on to others as you would have them do onto you', is that people can only be expected to treat others, based upon their own sense of self-worth and expectation of treatment.

Government is any number of individuals, which in some manner is selected from the community, that acts on the behalf of, and performs functions for the community as a whole, which the community otherwise would or could not probably do for itself. Government by definition is Socialist. This means that the purpose and objective of government is to act for the larger community as a whole. Its assets and purposes are owned, and are to serve the community in common, as a nonprofit organization. Government acts as a unifying authority for all the diverse individuals and interests in the society as a whole. {Dissertations: Government, Politics and Economacy}

Defined here as anyone who teaches by intent or incidentally, what a person needs or desires to know relative to the individual's ability to understand it. One who teaches knowledge concerning how to live one's life and lifestyle. One who teaches particular disciplines of body and mind for the purpose of promoting particular states of Consciousness. The authentic guru could be said to serve the genuine student while phony gurus are for those incapable or recognizing the genuine thing. {Commentary: Guru}