Chinese Book of Changes going far back into antiquity, the origins of which are not exactly known. Most popular and perhaps best version by Richard Wilhelm translation rendered to english by Cary F. Baynes with forward by C.G. Jung. Book of wisdom and system of divination. Based on the Yin/Yang polarity produced by heads/tails means of chance, translated to the broken and unbroken line. Six lines comprise a hexagram, for a total of sixty-four, composed of an upper and lower trigram of three lines each, for a total of eight trigrams, the upper three lines representing heaven and the lower three representing earth. The method is to ask a question and throw coins or drop sticks. The book lists the sixty-four Hexagrams with conversion chart and explains the meaning of each.

Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority
Human created ideas and states which represent authority for human activity, behavior and conduct, which are usually defined by qualities and conditions, which are opposite or absent those found in the natural world of the Given Existence.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical and Progressive Material Volitional Identities
Tandem w/ Ego and Ipseities
Identities are Interpretive Personifications created by the Ego as the first personality, the purpose of which is to accomplish objectives. Every profession can be an Identity to accomplish goals, as baker, soldier, candlestick maker. Identities by definition are Progressive unless the objectives are purely maintenance. The Evaluative System of the Identities is called the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, which uses oppositional Associative values as basis for evaluation as some degree between. The sensory appreciation is called Emotion. Identities are associative of the Part, Monotheism and Religion, Spirit, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.
{Dissertations: Identity, Identity, Psychology, Synopsis and Properties}

Human Identity and Resident Identity
Identity is the attributes as qualities and conditions which are used to distinguish one entity from another and give it a recognizable identification, as birds areExistence, and which can be understood as the continuous transformation, destruction, and replacement by regeneration, of any given individual elements or parts of a Unified Aggregate, in identical or near like form ad infinitum. In terms of Finite Determination, the comparative state as the predicate of any or all elements of the Given Existence, is the replication of itself in an identical or similar form, dynamic and constitution. {Dissertations: Identity, Psychology, Synopsis and Properties}

Religious Materialism Tandem w/ Proto-Religion
When the source of Spirituality such as God cannot be made evident to the senses, the individual must rely on authority outside the sensory apparatus, and thus these deities can only be concepts. Symbols are used to represent these concepts and are termed idols. {Commentary: Idolatry}

Conceptual Authority Tandem w/ Absent Determinant
Certainty of foreseen Comparative States in future, which dictates activity & behavior of any given one or more individuals, in any give present circumstance. The essence of the Progressive Material Volitional Identity, in which results & products in future explain and justify activity and conduct in present. Contradicts the concept of Volition in the sense that the future dictates the present. {Dissertation: Finite Determination}

MetaProperty, Somatic Being
Tandem w/ Spirit and Soul
Physical material body as present earthly existence. Corresponed with the MetaProperties All the Whole and Ego. {Dissertation : Properties}

Unified Aggregate
The Given Existence is defined as a complete and finished result & product which preserves itself as Indeterminate Existence, and which can be understood as the continuous transformation, destruction, and replacement by regeneration, of any given individual elements or parts of a Unified Aggregate, in identical or near like form ad infinitum. In terms of Finite Determination, the comparative state as the predicate of any or all elements of the Given Existence, is the replication of itself in an identical or similar form, dynamic and constitution.

The inability of the mind, to predict Comparative States in future, when distinct from past states, that are used as a reference for future prediction.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity
Pre-industrial pre- Excess and Profit culture which corresponds to the SubProperties Conservative , Polytheistic, Matriarchal, Socialism and Democracy. {Dissertation : Properties}

Foundation Reasoning Tandem w/ Deductive Logic
Inductive Logic is where reasoning proceeds from the particular, singular or specific to the general as rule, classification, principle or generality. Twelve singular eggs equals one dozen. Inductive Logic is correlated with Foundation Reasoning wherein evidence, facts or premises precede and indicate conclusions. {Dissertation : Logic}

Tandem w/ Reductive System
The use of a Negative Base Comparative Standard, as an authority for defining the consequence of an entity, in which a specific degree of value is assessed, by addition from, as some specific degree more, or the absence of negative attributes. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

The Inherent Agreement of Nature, is the inability of options, to the qualities & conditions of composition by molecular identity, and the compulsion to consistent activity & behavior, in reference to inertia, kinetic abilities and environment, by which every phenomenon, entity or event, of the Given Existence exists, to a lesser or greater degree.

Consequence of Being Tandem w/ Absence of Consequence
Wherein any given state or entity does not depend on a changed condition for a validity of existence, as something different from what it already is. Possesses Objective Validity and Consequential Integrity, such that transformation or destruction for the creation of alternatives is prohibited or limited to Necessity & Subsistence, as an ethical life style and standard of living. Qualities & conditions as significant or important consequence, which affects any given individual in any manner, that originates from any phenomenon, entity or event of the Positive Dimension, or the Given Existence as opposed to Qualified States. {Dissertations: Consequence, Absence of Consequence and Commentary: Consequence of Being}

Antipodal Associative Paradigm
Each individual class category as the Untouchable, Lower or Upper stations may contain within them the larger and entire class structure or the Hierarchal Arrangement. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Intellectual theories which influence or are used to authorize human political organizations and structures and thus the everyday activity and behavior of the individual. {Dissertation: Government}

Private Property
Knowledge defined in the sense of property, is used as a vehicle or material for, the progressive achievement of intellectual or material possessions, and provides Finite Context.

Will, Volition
Preconceived Volition as objectives.

The intervention of other-dimensional forces called Ethereals in the material physical world.

Analysis Tandem w/ External Analysis
Method of self-examination by free association of definitions, by which the individual defines everything in life, wherein the process is an exploration of memories of the past, in which opinions and values were formed, many of which might have become forgotten, unconscious and automatic, and while they originally may have been valid, may now in the present have no relevancy. {Dissertation: Internal Analysis}

Politics Tandem w/ External Authority
Internal authority means that the authorization for one's thought, word and deed is self-decided by the individual as opposed to accepted external sources such as experts and adepts. In reference to Politics, Internal Authority is the fundamental principle of Socialism, which is said to be the purpose of Government, in which all products produced by government are internal to the social community as a whole, as opposed to usurped for the benefit of the few. {Dissertation: Politics}

Interpretive Context, Interpretive Personification Tandem w/ Evaluation
Cognizance as interprets through the Context of Condition. Interpretation is the selection of specific memories called Association, from the multitudenous store of impressions in the memory, which are attached to specific registration or thinking in the immediate present, and which gives recognition, identification, Context and implication. The primary governor of Interpretation is said to be what the individual considers to be of Consequence, which is the context and filter for what one perceives and appreciates. Interpretation is said to proceed through the facilities of the Ego, as internalities of the body, Identities as externals created by the mind, and Ipseity, this last the interpreter of the Metaphysical Dimension as may affect the body and mind. [Dissertation: Interpretation]

Tandem w/ Context
Context from which Interpretation proceeds. The Associative Landscape of the individual from which reality or thinking is interpreted, as things must be recognized and defined by the context of what the individual has had experience with and knows, which is stored in the memory as Association. The context in which to interpret reality such as the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms. {Dissertation : Context, Consciousness and Intellect, Conservative, Symbolic Logic and Associative Landscape}

Identities and Ipseities
Personalities created to personify objectives called Identities and Ipseities, as contexts in which reality is interpreted, such as butcher and biologist, meat on the table and book learned bugs.

Semiotic Language
The interpretation of Semiotic Language as symbolic signs which may indicate Intercession of other-dimensional Ethereals, and a lexicon of Signatures, as established lexicography wherein specific happenings mean specific and always the same thing, such as a crow flying west may mean a great wind will rise or from the Northwest a stranger will appear.

Positive Dimension Tandem w/ Extrinsic Authority
Impetus for human activity and behavior as every necessity of the Human Sensory Apparatus, to respond to the dictates of the sensory conditions of the qualities and conditions, of any given present state or circumstance, of the Positive Dimension. Represents authority for human activity & behavior, as the necessity to maintain, or create alternatives to the qualities & conditions, of the immediate sensory environment. {Dissertation: Authority for Human Activity and Behavior and Commentary: Intrinsic Authority}

Tandem w/ Extrinsic Domain
Intrinsic Domain means internal to a Delineated Entity or Whole, or from the Part outward to the Whole. Evaluation by Intrinsic Domain means from inside looking out, or the Part looking outside to the Whole.

Tandem w/ Ego and Identities
Ipseities are Identity personifications the purpose of which is to produce objectives. However the objectives are other-dimensional and non-material. There are three kinds of Ipseities called Religious, Spiritual and Metaphorian. Spiritual Ipseities are Polytheistic and may be such emulations as nature and animal personifications. Religious Ipseities are Monotheistic and are such things as Christ, Buddha, Mary Magdalene or Mother Teresa. Metaphorian Ipseities represent the individual's personal Spirit as interlocutor between the individual and Soul. {Dissertation : Ipseities, Evaluation, Cognizant Triad and Properties}

MetaProperty, Interpretive Context, Tandem w/ As-Is
Is means existent and As means for, or Existent-for alternatives or resource for the creation of alternative states and conditions. Is depends for its validity and Consequence upon As, or something distinct from Pre-existent States. Primary Associational Interpretive Context meaning reality perceived Is-As something independent of what it is, or the vacant lot was envisaged with a house upon it. Is-As the fundamental element of the Progressive Paradigm.