Natural Law
Codified strictures as Accords, created by the human agreement of those who have the ability to enforce them, that determine what the individual can and cannot do as Prohibitions and Volition. The basis for all strictures as Law is what is determined to be of Consequence. The Law is either created by human agreement or is said to originate with God or religious law. {Dissertations : Convention and Natural Law}

Consciousness and Levels
Different levels of awareness as what the individual is conscious of, perceives, recognizes, and is cognizant of in any given present circumstance, based upon what the individual considers as significant, important and of consequence as Consequential Value. Also the level of understanding in terms of the content of present or abstract circumstance known to the individual. {Dissertation: Consciousness & Intellect}

Lexicon is from the Latin meaning dictionary, referring here to alphabetized listings of terms that give to the context of words used in the dissertations precise meaning. Lexloci from the Latin means 'law of the place' which is used here to mean the law of nature or Natural Law. The laws of nature are contrasted with the inclination of humankind to be Progressive, which is a contradiction to the law of the place.

Tandem w/ Conservative and Pseudo-conservative
Conservative is applied to Indigeous peoples absent Excess & Profit and Socialism, as the maintenance of same or simimlar states to maintain the same. Pseudo-Conservatives are Progressive, and Liberals calling themselves Progressive are actually Conservative and Socialist. The evaluative system of both Liberals and Pseudo-conservatives is the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, which is a low to high scale of Consequence between primitive and developed. Liberals primarily add from the bottom and Pseudo-conservatives primarily subtract from the top, which means Liberals relate to the lower end of the social hierarchy and Pseudo-conservatives relate to the upper end. The Liberal middle class as five adds from the bottom or one. Pseudo-conservatives subtract from the top or ten, as some degree less like lower middle class as 4. {Dissertation: Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Pseudo-conservative Propensity
The propensity to evaluate consequence and value from the Antithetical Matrix on the scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative or by addition from what is primitive, undeveloped, modest or unrefined. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Represents a standard of living based upon Necessity & Subsistence in which the lifestyle is not poor, mean or debased, but represents aesthetics which are inexpensive, simple, practical, and that least impact the environment. {Dissertation: Alternative Lifestyle}

Logic Tandem w/ Symbolic Logic
Literal Logic is based upon an Interpretive Context, as a comparative authority that is meant to be singular, universal, mundane, material, mechanical and scientific principle. Literal Logic consists in two forms as Foundation and Authority Reasoning. With Foundation Reasoning, the context is created from facts as they present themselves. With Authority Reasoning, context is created from authority to which evidence must be skewed to conform. Literal Logic is the reasoning process of the Mundane Consciousness. {Dissertation: Logic, Symbolic Logic}

Literal Logic and Symbolic Logic
Term given to the category and discipline of reasoning as the methods of construction and content of propositions and arguments. Reasoning is the formation of conclusions, inference or judgments and the use and construction of statements which describes and explains reasons, motives, declarations, justifications, actions and attitudes. Includes Inductive Logic, wherein reasoning proceeds from the particular to the general, and Deductive Logic as reasoning proceeding from the General to the specific. Inductive Logic is called here Foundation Reasoning, as to reason from foundation or evidence to conclusion. And Deductive called Authority Reasoning meaning from conclusion to evidence, as from the authority God, to find some evidence for the existence of. {Dissertations: Logic, Symbolic Logic, and Ideologue}

Emotion , Natural Affection and Compassion Tandem w/ Hate
Love is considered here to be a manifestation of the sensory feelings of the natural capacities of the Human Sensory Apparatus. Emotion is enhanced sensory response derived from Association containing what is considered to be of Consequential Value. The greater the affect of consequence, the greater the emotional response. Love is said by some to be the realization and manifestation of the highest states of consciousness or Enlightenment. This might be a Love based on equality of consequence, wherein all natural existence is considered to be of the highest degree of consequence. {Dissertations: Emotion and National Affection, and Commentary: Compassion}

Middle and Upper Stations
Lower social ranking on the scale of the Antipodal Associative Paradigm, in relation to the Metaphysical Ideal, in which the consequence is added from the Antithetical Matrix, which in real form is one level above the Untouchable Class. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}