Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity, Equipolent Emotional Dynamic and Conservative Paradigm Tandem w/ Emotion
Defined as physical reaction or response of the Human Sensory Apparatus, to sensual stimulation emanating from both the Positive and Negative Dimensions, as primarily Correspondent Association in which the sensory response reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory apparatus as the feeling of wind on the skin, as opposed to Associational Disconjunctive Association and the dictates of Consequential Value defined as the begetter of Emotion. {Dissertations: Natural Affection and Emotion}

Tandem w/ Progression
A process of change, transformation or development inherent to the constitution of any phenomenon, entity or event, as opposed to Progression in which a pre-existent state or condition is replaced with what is considered as superior. Natural development means a state or entity proceeds through a process of transformation which is inherent in the constitution of its undeveloped character. Things may change from something very rudimentary to something more complex, produce the functions inherent to its continued existence, and deteriorate as the components of its constitution begin to wear out.

Law and Utopian Tandem w/ Human Law
Given Existence and Orbital Correlation
The condition of the planetary existence absent the human intrusiveness of the ability to create Excess and Profit. Natural Law is the dynamic of the natural environment of which the primary economic law is Necessity and Subsistence. Natural Law is the authority for the activity and behavior of the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity, and the essential condition of the Conservative pre-existent state, wherein the natural world may be considered as a Spiritual State. {Dissertation: Natural Law}

Natural Law tandem w/ Excess & Profit
Represents economic law of the Given Existence, applicable to every known living entity accepting the human species, wherein the results & products of activity & behavior are equivalent to the energy expended, as necessary to the preservation and maintenance of any given pre-existent or present state and standard of living or life style, in identical or near like form. Wherein the integrity of the whole of living existence is maintained by the balance of predation. {Dissertation: Necessity & Subsistence}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Positive Base Comparative Standard
States and entities as qualities & conditions, which represent the Antithetical Matrix as Comparative Base or the negative pole of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, from which states and entities are assessed value and consequence as some degree greater. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Extrinsic Authority Tandem w/ Positive and Metaphysical Dimensions
The Positive and Negative Dimensions are Comparative States, wherein the Negative Dimension as the facility of human memory, replicates the Positive Dimension. This is an essential function of the Human Sensory Apparatus, to recognize and identify instantaneously, any or every aspect, of any given present circumstance, as in any way beneficial, or as every possibility of imperilment. In terms of space and time, the ability of the memory, facilitates and creates an expansion of awareness, beyond the boundary of immediate perception, referring to space: as what exists outside the perceptible circumstance; and in terms of time: what has taken place in past, or what may come to pass in future. Related: Association, Present-time Intellection, Symbolic Association, Conceptual Empowerment, Unified Identity and Enlightenment. {Dissertations: Positive Dimension, Associative Landscape} {Commentary: Enlightenment}

Metaphysical, MetaProperty
Tandem w/ All, One and Imperative Determinant
Null means other-dimensional and thus represents Polytheism, Religion and Metaphysics or anything occult. Null means void, unfilled, uninhabited, unoccupied, vacant, empty or undefined, of which aught or anything can and may come to occupy the space or vacuum. The Null represents the question, as without an answer is a void, which begs to be filled as answered. Null is the opposite of the Imperative Determinant, as certainty of foreseen Comparative States in future, which dictates activity & behavior in the present, such that one's freedom is impinged or non-existent. Null is what makes for free-will. Null is decision absent pre-known-outcome that would prohibit the decision. Null is a MetaProperty of the Metaphysical Dimension. Null is representative of Metaphoria and akin to Mysticism. {Dissertations : Logic of Null, Cognizance, Properties and Lifetimes}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Means to assess Consequence, as numerical scale from one to ten, between biplar opposites or dissimilarities. Most often unconscious assessment of Consequence and value applied to any given qualities, conditions or entities. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Conscious and unconscious numerical classification, of any phenomenon, entity or event, as an intellectual assignment of classified value, wherein the qualification of any entity, in present circumstance or thinking, is ascertained, by adding and subtracting from standards, as Additory and Subtractive Base. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}