Consequence of Being Tandem w/ Subjective Validity
The inherent Consequential Integrity, of any state or entity, as the prohibition or limitation of transformation and destruction, based upon the ability to sustain and or duplicate itself, in a same or similar constitution and character, as sanctioned by the larger environment.

If an other-dimensional self such as Spirit or Soul were known as a certainty, it would negateFree-Will in the material present, since the individual would make decisions in present based on certainties in future, such as with a storm coming one may stay home. If the Soul was a clown, one's material living might be relegated to clownish.

Proto-religious Determination tandem w/ Definitive Value
By the Absent Determinant any given state or entity may assume any number of identities, definitions and contexts relative to circumstance and the perspective of the individual as free will. Any state or entity can take the value of Spiritual Manifestation, Context and Semiotic Language. {Dissertations: Proto-religious Determination and Consequence}

Omnitude means Everything is Everything, Everything as Everything. Everything is anything else. The concept that for any one thing to exist there is the requirement that all things exist, as it could be said that for any living thing to be manifest, there is required the whole of the vast universe, wherein the solar system could not exist without the galaxy and the galaxy apparently dependent on many millions if not billions of galaxies. If every single thing depends on the existence of all things, then it could be concluded that everything-is-everything.

Tandem w/ All and Null
[One is exclusive of everything or All of a type]
One as representative of the Identities representing any number of Personifications distinct from each other is declared as the MetaProperty One. One is representative of self and self-centered, as singular, individual, autocratic, self-interested, self-serving and All for One. One is associated with and an attribute of the Principle Property - Context which represents memory and mind. The attributals of One are Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism. One is the Holy Grail of Progressive Materialism in which Consequence is established by the evaluative system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. One is the Part separating and considering itself greater than the Whole. Dissertations : Properties and The Logic of One

Complimentary and Antithetical Opposition
Every change is opposed to or opposes the pre-existent condition that is changed. Opposition is defined here as the distinction between a pre-existent state and the tandem state as changed. The change is defined as to possess two values, or change which either compliments or is antithetical to the pre-existent state. {Dissertation: Opposition}

If the natural world possesses no inherent consequence in and of itself, then what is of consequence must be distinct from any or elements of the Given Existence. The definition of what is of consequence, is defined in opposition to or against what already exists, as the absence of the qualities & conditions of the natural world. {Dissertation: Consequence}

Unified Consequence
Opposite and opposing qualities & conditions as attributes, as night and day, man and woman, or wet and dry, in which the true state of affairs is not inferior/superior, but the tandem function of the modification of extremes, in a Unified Aggregate.

Conservative Paradigm Tandem w/ Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
Optimum Correspondence is the evaluative system of the Conservative Paradigm, which means the preservation of optimum condition, and uses a single Comparative Base, as the optimum condition of any given entity. Value and Consequence is assessed as either optimum, or something less or more. The human body must correspond to an optimum temperature for optimum working order. Optimum Correspondence descends from the concept of the Whole, the function of which is said to produce results and products internal to itself. The concept of the Whole is called Conservative, wherein the Whole is preserved in exact or near-like condition, as the Optimum Correspondence of each and all of its Parts, to the optimum condition of the Whole, which is itself as any given entity.

I Ching
Methods of making decisions, based upon questions, in which answers are derived, from various forms of divination, believed to predict future states, as based upon prior experience.

Theory of Evolution
All life depends upon and is relative to the consistent and stable relation of the earth's orbit around a point in space, as the specific temperature of the sun, in which any evolution, as the change of the construction, constitution and function of any given organism, must take the form of correspondence to existing orbital conditions, as opposed to the idea that evolution should explain an entities existence as improved from a former state. Related: Stable State {Commentary: Evolution}

Progressive Materialism and Religion
Original Sin means everything natural, specifically the naturalness of the human organism concerning the necessities to live. What is natural is antithetical to progressive ideals of perfected heavenly qualities and conditions. Ironically it is the concept of original sin, the perfected ideal, that is what creates much if not most of the sin and Evil in the world. To use the Garden of Eden analogy: the garden is natural, and knowledge is the ability to create the ideal. But in order to create the Ideal the garden must be destroyed, as it is needed for the resource material to build it, as anything unnatural from tools to cities. {Dissertations: Evil, Antagonistic Opposition}