Enigmatic Reality and Synchronicity
Wherein the events of immediate reality parallel or mirror individual context, as comments and correlation upon problems, definitions, questions or decisions.

Definitive Comparison Tandem w/ Inductive System
Method of defining the Consequential Value or Consequence of Being, of an entity, by comparison to qualities & conditions, as more perfect and complete, in which a specific degree of value is assessed, by the subtraction from, as some specific degree less. Related: Extra-mundane Authority {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Religious Materialism and Monothesim
Tandem w/Spirituality and Proto-Religion
Religion is defined as the other-dimensionality of Materialism that follows the introduction of Excess and Profit and Capitalism. Religion is Monotheistic meaning one-god as befits the central authority of the pyramidal, hierarchical oligarchal, ranking of Capitalism and Private Property. Monotheism is Fascist allowing no Gods other than the One, as self-centered, singular, individual, autocratic, self-interested and self-serving. Because of the condition of the Absent Determinant, wherein there is no known result and product of human existence that explains its being, any or all aspects of physical reality are considered to have no inherent consequence and Spirituality in and of its own existence. The absence of any ultimate or certain reason, purpose, meaning and consequence of material and human existence, means it is considered as negative and nihilistic. A frame of reference is found to be necessary that takes the form of what is called Finite Context and Imperative Determinants. In terms of Religion, Finite Context and Imperative Determinants are conceptual qualities and conditions of other dimensions or time, as Extra Mundane Authorities. They serve as objectives to give present experience a meaningful reference, and the activity of present living existence becomes material for spiritual life in the future. This worldly realm becomes an extension of Progressive Materialist advancement into other dimensions and states of being, and is represented by the perfect exclusive One. Extra mundane existence or being, is something separate from the ability of the human sensory apparatus to perceive, and thus must be represented in some form of symbol as word or image. The individual is required to in some way obtain grace from extra mundane being, generally through the auspices of the church. {Commentary: Idolatry} {Dissertation: Religion, Religious Paradox, Monotheism and Properties}

Ipseities, Monotheism
Spiritual and Metaphorian Ipseities
Religious Ipseities are accordant to Monotheism as singular other-dimensional representation as one God or God and Son. Religious Ipseities are characterizations as revered but usually dead saintly or Godly long gone individuals, that act as emulative characterization in which individuals may imitate and emulate and ask favors by means of prayer. [Dissertations : Evaluation, Cognizant Triad and Ipseities

Religion and Extra Mundane Authority
Tandem w/Proto-religion
Religious Materialism is the religion of Progressive Materialism. The Consequence of Being of any phenomenon, entity or event, in any present circumstance, is essentially material resource for states in future, specifically afterlife. Religious Materialism defines spiritual qualities and conditions by the absence of the attributes of earthly existence, or what is considered perfect being which is realized by progressive achievement, in which time on earth is essentially considered material for upward mobility. The natural world represents material for human created states, and possesses no inherent consequence in and of itself. Religious transcendence as the greatest consequence, can only be manifest in future or in some other dimension, as the attainment of ultra-dimensional extra-mundane qualities & conditions such as heaven, which gives context and meaning to the present physical world, as the progressive achievement and acquisition of spiritually perfect attributes. {Commentary: Idolatry} {Dissertation: Religion}

Proto-Identity and Human Identity
The personal value system, of any given individual, as the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity or Progressive Material Volitional Identity. This value system is said to derive from the Bipolar Divergence, that represents the degree to which Volitional Abilities may be utilized, as ethical prohibitions or limitations, or the volitional capacities of Materialism.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity Tandem w/ Responsibility Negation
By the concept of Unified Consequence, wherein all natural elements are considered of equal value, and to possess a validity of inherent consequence, the individual is responsible to the dictates of the present circumstance, wherein Association as recognition, identification and context is by Correspondent Association. This is opposed to conceptual instruction, as how things may be treated based upon the Disconjunctive Association of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, that is necessitated by the absence of inherent consequence.

Progressive Material Volitional Identity Tandem w/ Responsibility Ethic
By virtue of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as a means to assess value and consequence, wherein there exists the consideration of the complete absence of any inherent consequence, concerning all elements of the Given Existence, the individual possesses the propensity to act on the instructions as contained in the memory, as opposed to the dynamics of present circumstance. The individual that only follows instructions cannot take complete responsibility for one's own actions.