Dyadic Authoritative Comparative Tandem w/ Primary Assessment
Opposite pole of the Primary Assessment as either the Positive or Negative Base Comparative Standards relative to and dependent upon the Primary. {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Olamic Value
The context of events and circumstance interpreted as symbols, representing specific attributes, such as cloud formations, names or numbers which identify and define the language of Spiritual Manifestations, which is unique to the individual. {Dissertation: Semiotic Language}

Equipolent and Conceptual Emotional Dynamic
Sensory response is the reaction to sensation which is determined by Association, as opposed to the majority of sensations which are ignored or not reacted to by the Human Sensory Apparatus. The Sensory Response System represents the type of response the individual will have a propensity for, based upon what the individual considers and defines as Consequential Value associated with the stimulus. Natural Affection describes the response to sensation wherein Consequential Value does not or only slightly influences the reaction. Emotion describes the response wherein Consequential Value does affect and influence the sensory response. {Dissertation: Emotion}

The Sensory Response System reactive to both internal and exerternal senory registration of Somatic Being, in the Positive Dimension. Specifically sensory appreciation called Natural Affection.

Identitive indicators also called Semiotic Language. Names, numbers, symbols or timing associated with circumstance and events which would indicate other-dimensional intercession as spiritual communication. {Dissertations: Evaluation and Ipseity}

Conservative Paradigm Tandem w/ Capitalism
Socialism is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the whole in the form of Government, and of which pooled resources are utilized as best benefits all. Insurance, banks, churches and nature are all instances of socialism when not used for private profit. Lexicons : Socialism and Socialism {Dissertations : Socialism, PolyCulture and Properties}

Positive Dimension and Condition Tandem w/ Animate Being
Any given body and sensory apparatus of the Positive Dimension and Condition, as all automatic processes as genetics and biology, distinguished from the will of the memory/mind called Animate Being.

Psychesoma and Spirit
Other dimensional body of Animate Being said to reside in the Metaphysical Dimension, and said to be composed of Ego, Spirit and the MetaProperty Null. {Dissertaion: Lifetimes}

Tandem/ Ego
Theory that the Soul would have a body and an Ego as Interpretive Context for said Soul Psyche, as the Ego is the contextual interpreter for the corporal body. {Dissertation : Meaning}

Spirituality, Euphoric, MetaProperty Tandem /w Ipseities and Soul
The individual Spirit as distinguished from Spirits, as a go-between or other-dimensional guidance between the body and Ego, and the other-dimensional Soul. Spirit is correlated the MetaProperties One and the Part. Spirits plural is defined here as actual Spiritual Manifestations, that may be perceptible to the the human sensory apparatus apparent in the terrestrial realm. Spirit may be interpreted to take the form of myriad entities and actions and/or to represent a singular presence and force.Communication is by means of Semiotic Language.

Spiritual State tandem w/ Conceptual and Material Authority
Authority for human activity & behavior as the Given Existence, which is the environment of the natural world considered as a Spiritual State, or an already complete and finished result & product, wherein the Consequence of Being of any givenorm, that would indicate that the Given Existence is an already complete and finished result and product, given the cosmic or planetary conditions to which it must conform, specifically in reference to the concept of Orbital Correlation. Spiritual Context is also defined as specific activity & behavior as distinguished from random, as any given event, circumstance or environment, and to include the act of living in general, defined as Spiritual Manifestations, that correlates to a context of communication concerning particularly statements and questions, such as the flip of a coin, the direction of the flight of a bird, an incidental meeting with a friend or stranger, that makes a statement or sheds light or answers a question. The interposition of Spirit into activities and affairs. {Dissertations: Proto-religious Determination and Symbolic Logic}

Ipseities, Polytheism
Tandem w/ Religious and Metaphorian Ipseities
Spiritual Ipseities are tandem with Polytheism such that objective oriented characterizations are representative or imitative of aspects and elements of seeming non-physical or extra-dimensional being, or spiritual entities often representative of natural forces, of nature of which the individual may assume likenesses. [Dissertations : Ipseities, Evaluation and Cognizant Triad

Semiotic Language
Represents ability of any given individual, in any given present circumstance, to experience by the facilities of the Human Sensory Apparatus, communication with Spirit, or spiritual entities, aspects and elements of seeming non-physical or extra-dimensional being. This communication is via events and circumstance or what is termed Semiotic Language.

Spiritual Context
A Spiritual State can be defined as an already existent result and product, complete and finished in its natural state and form. This interpretation represents an acceptance of the integrity, and inherent consequence, of the constitution and dynamics of the natural world, which prohibits the human alteration of what is natural for what is unnecessary. The whole of the Given Existence considered as a spiritual realm, perceptible to the senses, wherein the the physical bodies of living entities, and the natural world as a whole, are interpreted as the micro and macro body of Spirit. The whole is is understood and appreciated by the experience of any given present circumstance of the Positive Dimension, in terms of Spiritual Context. {Dissertation: Proto-religion}

The physical substantiation of Spirit. The ability of the Human Sensory Apparatus to perceive, and the facility or proclivity of the individual to interpret the events of any given circumstance of the Positive Dimension, as Spiritual Manifestations and Semiotic Language. The experience of Spiritual Manifestations that substantiate for the individual that the present physical existence of the Given Existence is a Spiritual State and realm. [Dissertations : Semiotic Language and Ipseities]

Mysticism, Proto-religion and Religion
Spirituality is defined as an overall or umbrella term that refers to all forms of belief in some form of otherness, representing levels of awareness or the interpretation of the qualities, conditions, activity or behavior of any given state or circumstance as more than material mechanics of cause and affect. Or it is the conviction, belief, consciousness or awareness of non-physical being concerning aspects of the self and of any or all characteristics of the perceived and unperceived reality. Specifically as defined here, Spirituality is the condition of the Absent Determinant wherein there exists no certain authority that defines the definition of existence so as to compel intelligent will to act in accordance with that definition. From this condition is derived free will. Spirit used as source for context, definition and identity can manifest itself in the physical planetary reality or in the concept of some other dimensional existence. Proto-religion is Mysticism wherein the condition of the Absent Determinant is considered to be the essence of what Spirituality is. The absence of the ability of definitive determination allows for free will of the individual to decide all things. The ability and activity of individual determination is considered the nature of Spirituality wherein there is no absolute authority outside the individual that dictates the will of the individual to simple compliance. Religion is the Spirituality of Progressive Materialism. Religious thought word and deed is based on models as said to be transmitted directly from the Gods or God, and represent ideal states and conditions. The religious person is defined by the degree to which they conform and correspond to religious standards. {Dissertations: Proto-religious Determination and Proto-religion}

The Unified Aggregate remains steady, or constant and consistent, while qualities, conditions, activity or behavior, of any or all of the parts, may be changed, transformed, destroyed or replaced, in identical or near like form, to preserve the existence of the whole.

Consequence of Being Tandem w/ Objective Validity
Wherein the Consequential Integrity as a validity of existence for any phenomenon, entity or event, depends upon a conformance to an independent and distinct constitution and character, from what it already is.

Tandem w/ Primary, Attendant, Principle, Meta Properties
The SubProperties are Polytheism, Monotheism, Matriarchy, Patriarchy, Socialism, Capitalism, Democracy and Fascism. {Dissertation : Properties}

Subtractive Base tandem w/ Additory Authorization
Some degree, as the social, economic and cultural status of the individual, on the Antipodal Associative Paradigm, less than the person's conception of Metaphysical Ideal , which authorizes human activity & behavior, as the degree and direction of progression toward.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antipodal Associative Paradigm Tandem w/ Additory Base
Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority, as the greatest degree of Volitional Abilities which represent a base for subtraction, wherein by comparison the consequence of an individual is assessed as less than. Also associational base from which any phenomenon, entity or event is defined by subtraction in terms of consequence. Related: Elite Class {Dissertation: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative}

Disconjunctive Association
Any object, form or action contained in the memory as the Negative Dimension, which represents some quality or condition independent of the perceived sensory identity of the subject, such as water may symbolize emotion and where the associations of emotion are derived from the memory.

Negative Dimension
Symbolic Association derives from the facility of Disconjunctive Association. It is the ability to attach Association contained in the memory to a subject, as the sensory reality of any given present circumstance or thinking termed Present-time Intellection, wherein the association is of an independent and different character and content from the subject, for the purpose of communication by symbols such as 'Stop Sign'.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity Tandem w/ Mundane Consciousness
Interpretive Context of the perspective of Conservative Spirituality wherein all natural existence is considered to possess inherent value and consequence. Symbolic Consciousness ascribes to circumstance and events specific meaning that is apropos to context created by the individual or society in general, such as Greek Mythology. Identity and definition may take the form Olamic Value wherein any given event or entity can assume symbolic identity, form, definition and significance. Reality as what happens may be assumed to communicate in symbolic form termed Semiotic Language. {Dissertation: Consciousness & Intellect}

Logic Tandem w/ Literal Logic
The creation, adoption or use of Interpretive Context, based on the assumption that phenomenon, circumstance or events is a vehicle of intentional and intelligent communication, via the means of symbols or signs termed Semiotic Language, originating from some spiritual source. Or it is the consideration that what is interpreted as signs or symbols would have happened anyway, but may have gone unnoticed or would not have had a context for interpretation, without the creation of the Interpretive Context of Symbolic Logic. {Dissertations: Conservative and Symbolic Logic}

The occurrence of phenomenon or events, independent of the individual, which corresponds nearly exactly, in terms of timing, to the individual's personal context, as action, dialog or thinking, which may be interpreted as: 1. purely accidental coincidence, 2. created by spiritual force, 3. created by an individual utilizing spiritual or extra mundane power, 4. the facility of the mind as clairvoyance, to cause and manipulate thought, dialog or action, to correspond to the contexts of future states, known subconsciously.