Metempiric Power Tandem w/ Authorized Metempiric Power
Metempiric Power used by the Progressive Material Volitional Identity as Black and White Magic, for purposes of the individual ego, wherein Black Magic is employed by any given individual or group for the promotion of personal materialistic power agendas or emotional vendettas, and White Magic for the promotion of the well-being of the self or others. Unauthorized Metempiric Power may be necessary as a means to achieve the Authorized. {Dissertation: Metempiric Power}

Enigmatic Reality
The validity of the state of Metempiric Power as better left uncertain, since the implications and responsibilities are so great. Uncertainty as a shield, makes power as either illusion or reality possible. {Dissertation: Metempiric Power}

Indeterminate Existence
The totality of parts comprising any state or entity, consisting of any number of elements which function in a unified manner, to promote the existence of the aggregate as a Stable State, in any given form lasting any period of time. The Unified Aggregate may be considered as any individual or single entity, or the whole termed the Given Existence, also termed Body Spirit.

Consequence Of Being and Equivalency Principle Tandem w/ Bipolar Consequence
The Consequential Value of the results & products of the natural change of the Given Existence, are considered as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent state transformed or destroyed, which is considered as an equality of value and consequence. The consequence of any given single entity is considered to be equivalent to the whole of existence, and wherein the whole is dependent upon each of its parts, the value of all things is said to be equivalent and unified in the whole. {Dissertation: Consequence}

Unified Equivalence can be understood to be, that all natural change, as the transformation or destruction of pre-existent states, promotes the continued existence of the tandem, or those very states changed.

Unified Function is the coordinated unification of elements or Parts, which in unison produce Products as internal called a Whole, and when external called a Part. Unified Function is said to be mandated by Determinative Domain, wherein what is internal as the Parts, must conform to the compositional construct of the Domain external called Extrinsic Domain.

Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity Tandem w/ Dependent Identity
The individual identifies oneself as unified with the reality of the present moment of any given circumstance, time or age. As I am this present circumstance, which is the manifestation of the dynamics of the whole of the universe, which is necessary to sustain all existence wherein the present experience and identity is equivalent to that. {Dissertations: Overview and Symbolic Identity}

Natural Law
The authority of the universe as its composition and dynamics. Authority for human activity, behavior and conduct as the laws of nature acting as a model for human conduct. The economic authority of the planetary existence is Necessity and Subsistence.

Hierarchal Arrangement tandem w/ Elite Class
The Untouchable Class is inherent to the system of Progressive Materialism. This Class represents the Antithetical Matrix as the lowest status and bottom of the progressive scale of the Hierarchal Arrangement. It is the Additory Base from which all the higher classes measure themselves as better than. It is the Antithetical Opposite to either the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority. Can represent the least amount of Volitional Abilities. {Dissertation: Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

Tandem w/ Truth
Untruth or lying is generally adopted when an ideal state quality or condition, as a mental construct or image is more important than actuality that does not correspond to the ideal. Usually on an individual basis a person may lie to impress because they might feel they are not as important as they ideally should be; lie for money because they feel ideally they should have more; lie to accomplish goals such as to attain superior status or lie for the good of the ideal mission. Untruth is called Progressive. This means that the value and consequence of a state changed from the pre-existent or true state is of greater value. The consequence of an untrue and actual representation is of greater value than an accurate one. {Dissertation: Truth}

Lower and Middle Stations
Higher social ranking on the scale of the Antipodal Associative Paradigm just below Elite Class, usually termed the upper middle class. {Dissertations: Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Antipodal Associative Paradigm}

Represents ideals as human social organizations which conform to the concept of the Conservative perspective, and thus to the greatest degree conforms to the natural laws of the Given Existence, but which as opposed to the rewards, excess and superfluities of Progressive Materialism, may not be considered as realistic or even possible on a large scale. {Dissertations: Utopian Politics}