Technique of watching the activity, behavior or thinking of the self, as one may watch another, for the purpose of detecting unconscious conduct, mannerisms and patterns, wherein the individual by self-awareness, can analyze and decide upon changes. {Commentary: External Analysis}

Conservative Paradigm, Tandem w/ Part, Product and Choate Whole
A Whole is described as circumscribed domain, composed of numerically limited multiplicity of elements or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other. Every Whole contains Parts and produces Products. Every Whole is a Part of a larger Whole and every Part is a Whole in and of itself. Every Whole and every Part produces Products as either internal or external to itself. A Whole as distinguished from a Part, is said to be defined wherein products produced are primarily purposed internal to itself, wherein a Part is said to produce products primarily purposed external to itself. The Conservative Paradigm is said to descend from the concept of the Whole, wherein the Optimum condition of any given entity is the operation and preservation of its internal self, defined as a Whole. A Whole such as any given planet, defined as producing no discernible useful products external to itself is called a Choate Whole producing nothing but itself, and which cannot be defined as producing products external. {Dissertations : WholePartProduct

If any natural phenomenon, entity or event, is a composite part and function, of the Given Existence as a whole, then its individual value, should be equivalent to the existence of the whole, and furthermore, if the whole is dependent upon the existence of the part, then the value of the whole, may be considered, as equivalent to the value of the part.

Intention, Volition, Free Will
The ability of choice and making decisions independent of the automatic and mechanical physical world or Positive Dimension. The Will is described as the ability to make alterations on a non-physical level, as a comparative state or non-physical replica, and to translate those alterations into the physical world such that the Will can make physical changes manifest.

Manic Realization
World power center which explains Enigmatic Reality and Metempiric Power.